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June 21, Special on International Yoga Day - Celebrities Yoga Secrets
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 Celebrities Yoga Secrets, world yoga day

Film stars are very aware of their health and fitness. Their catering, diet, workouts, yoga are all to improve their health. International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21 every year. This time we will try to know about various aspects related to the yoga of our stars.

Deepika Padukone
* I do yoga for peace of mind.
* My day started with Yoga
* I do yoga every morning and feel the freshness all day long.
* I believe that due to regular yoga, pranayama, asana, meditation, the toxin emits from the body And you energize I also feel that.
* I do Surya Namaskar, Sarvajanasana, Marjari Asana, Veerabhadrasana every day.
* Apart from all this, I also do pranayama and meditation.
* We all of us Yoga and pranayama should be done everyday to keep fit and healthy.
* Even when we do not want to get stressed every day, we should do meditation every day to avoid this.
* Yoga not only calm my nerves Helps to connect with me in spiritual form instead.

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Kangna Runout
* I have been practicing since childhood .
* I especially like Surya Namaskar.
* I have known various aspects related to yoga with my yoga guru, Suryanarayana Singh.
* Under his guidance, I learned not only Yoga, But also the change in self
* I give credit to my fitness only to Yoga.
* I can say from my experience that Yoga is a very sharp and sharp mind.
* Yoga by thinking of me There is also a lot of positiveity.
* I do Yogasan for 40-45 minutes everyday.
* To keep the mind and the heart dark, Meditation is also done for ten minutes.

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Alia Bhatt
* I was very fat before, but yoga, workout, diet made me completely full.
* I have weeks I like to do Ashtanga Yoga twice.
* Well I divfer to make headlines.
* Regular yoga has increased the strength and flexibility of my body.
* I am Chakrasan, Bhujangasan, Surya Namaskar , Pranayama, meditation etc.
* I often had a habit of teeth whitening in many situations, which caused pain in my tooth. My dentist advised me to do yoga and I removed my problem with yoga. There is a lot of comfort now.
* These days, I am also enjoying Ariel Yoga too.
* It is also called anti-gravity yoga. In this, the body is tied up several feet from the ground through silk fabric. Then you live in the air and you have to do Yoga while living in that situation.
* It is a combination of Yoga, Dance, Gymnastics, Acrobat.
* Keep in mind, this is a Yoga Expert or your Instructor Do this according to what you say, because it is also a Riski.

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Jacqueline Fernandes
* I like to do yoga instead of going to gym.
* I am almost every day I do yoga yoga.
* I also do Surya Namaskar 108 times.
* I like the hath yoga to a great extent.
* I take divcautions while doing its rugs,

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Akshay Kumar
* I also do yoga along with Daily Exercise. [1945] 9003] * I wake up at four o'clock in the morning and do yoga first.
* Also, I also meditate to keep myself strong and tension free from inside.
* I like yoga every day does not. I bring changes in my workout and yoga.
* I occasionally mix yoga with swimming, i.e. lying in water or standing, Yoga.

Anil Kapoor
* Sixty Yoga is the only way to stay fit and healthy in this age.
* I've been doing Hot Yoga for a long time (Bikram Yoga).
* In this yoga, the temperature of the room is 50 degrees Celsius, Thereby removing muscle and clotting joints

John Abraham
* I believe that yogic comes to the body with a stress.
* I do yoga to keep my body fit.
* Also the body from Yoga Healthy lives and we are also happy.

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Yoga guru's advice ... [19659005] * To control the anger, some stars should make the shovel, because these films Star Social posture are many that live Udelte every now and then his anger on social media. All of them have enough energy, and these trolls are also good. For example, Rishi Kapoor, Sonu Nigam, Abhijit etc ..
Shavasana - sdivad both hands and lie down on the ground on the back.
+ With this, the social media wipe out the brain and the anger is also calm.
* Those Bollywood stars whose films begin to flop and they start having tension and dedivssion, then they should be balanced.
Balasana - Sit on the knees and the elbows. Then slowly lie down on the floor on the floor. Both hands turn and lie down with their head on their hands, like a little child sleeps.
+ This posture brings peace to the muscles as well as relieves muscle tension.
* Perfect figure for film stars Very important. Surya Namaskar is best for this.
Surya Namaskar- About 1200 rounds of Surya Namaskar burn approximately 400 calories. It should be done especially with Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan, Huma Qureshi, etc.
With both living in weight control, both Tan and Man remain calm.

- Usha Gupta