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Is there a lesbian in Real Life, this heroine of Akshay Kumar
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Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has already flirt with many heroines on the screen, but the discussion about one of his heroines is so strong that he is a lesbian. In fact, actress Amy Jackson, who has romanced romance with Akshay Kumar in the film 'Singh Is Bling' has posted a picture on her Instagram account, after which it is being speculated that whether Akshay Kumar's heroin is in a real life Are you a lesbian?

Let me tell you recently that Amy has posted a post on her Instagram, in which she is seen with a girl. The girl who is seen in the photo has embraced Amy from behind. With this post, Amy wrote a caption 'WifeLife', after which there is only one question on everyone's language, whether Amy is lesbian?

Though the captions written by Emmy seem to be similar to this girl Are in relation with Please tell that the girl who looks in the picture is UK-based model Neelam Gill. Neelam has also posted pictures of both of his Twitter accounts on which the fans asked that both of you have got married and are you a lesbian. However, there is no answer from both sides on these questions.

It is important that some time ago Amy had said that she likes to talk openly on issues such as homosexuality. He also told that one of his best friends is Lesbian. Not only that, he had said that if you are happy with the One Night stand, then there is nothing wrong in it.

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