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Is not your child behaving senseless anywhere? (Are You Responsible For Your Child's Growing Insensitivity?) | Timesok.com


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Is not your child behaving senseless anywhere? (Are You Responsible For Your Child's Growing Insensitivity?)
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They say that children are like raw pitchers, they will be molded like that. Whether it is to refine the personality or teach practicality, the children learn the same, which they see in the house. In this way, the responsibilities of parents in front of the children increases. Before finding a child, check yourself for behaviors, is it not your behavior that just makes them?

Psychologists say that sensitivity or behavior never teaches children by learning, rather they learn by observing and observing it all. If the parents behave insensitive in front of children, then children will never be sensitive.

Symptoms of Anesthesia in children

* The child plays such a game in which he is the lone player or not to be left with any team

* Often he is irritable or raucous.

* If a member or friend of the house is in trouble, the child is not affected.

* From home or from the surrounding environment, It has nothing to do with it.

* Contributes little to the work, festivals or family gatherings of the house or society.

* Does not like meeting people.

* Your feelings

Why do children start feeling insensitive?

The counselor Radha Raveesh Bhave tells that to always do evil to the children, to insult them, to tell them in front of them That anyone of you Rwah not etc. may lack the sensibilities of children from all causes. For example, if the news of a visitor coming home gives you annoyance, then your child will also show insensitivity about that guest. If the parents in their home quietly control their anger calmly, then the child will definitely do the same by looking at them. Apart from this, there are other reasons for children to be insensitive, which are as follows-

* Children have difficulty understanding their own feelings.

* Families size smaller.

* From households or parents Not good communication.

* Parents have to keep their children away from social functions due to the insecurity and increasing crimes of the outside world.

* Tell the money to the children the most important. Shall be engaged when the child insensitive?

Dr. Radha explains, "Today the outside world is very practical. In such a situation, it is very important that children understand their feelings and display them in the right way. This is also necessary for the mental and emotional development of children. This will strengthen their personality. 'Play Therapy' is a very good way for children, in which children are taught the exdivssion of emotions through different types of games. "

Rutujya Sharma, a private school teacher, says," It is not that All children do not care about emotions, but yes, children are no longer like before because home, family, relationships, exposure, everything has changed. In today's schools, there is a special focus on this matter. Parents and teachers will have to work together to keep the sensations alive. "

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Conflicts of the elders are limited to them

We make this mistake often that in front of children others call others bitter or bad. Especially women should keep in mind that even if they are not made up of their in laws or relatives, then do not have any kind of insensitive conversation in front of their children. Do not give money to children, give your time

Do not let anyone ever glance in your behavior that money is everything in today's world. Tell them with your behavior that relationships or people are most important. Give your time instead of giving a gift to the children while doing something good. Spend time with them on such a place, which is their favorite, such as if they pass by good numbers in the exams, take them on a picnic, play them well etc.

Feel free to emotion

Sometimes children become angry or annoyed with no reason or very little thing. This often happens at that time when some emotions or feelings are born new in them. In such a situation, do not scold them on their anger, but rather sit in peace and tell them about their feelings.

Demonstrate the feelings of urgency

Dr. Radha says that the performance of emotions is never wrong. We are human and emotion is our basic feature. Do not hesitate to show your feelings in front of the children, they are learning from you.

The atmosphere of the mysterious house

In many homes, a lot of things are hidden from children, but if you do not have anything Also, tell them that you are hiding something. The mysterious atmosphere is not good for the kids. This reduces faith from the children's elders, and then you are teaching something good, even then they will not follow you.

Always help the people with the ability to do the things

Distribute the house's illusions among others. . If there is a need, help him. If there has been an accident on the way, then definitely help stop. Just saying 'sharing is caring' will not do anything. It will show you the care in your behavior.

Tell the children to be emotional is not bad, but to be insensitive can be dangerous for our breed. Teach these priceless lessons for life with children positively.

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Smart Tips

  1. When If the kids are around, then you should meet your full attribution. Do not use mobile while spending time with children.

  2. Children who help others in the schools should be given a reward.

  3. Play games with children, in which they feel written throughout the day to write strong emotions Ask for and write with you too.

  4. Meditate together with children.

  5. Help children choose words to show their feelings.

  6. Tell them how each emotion has its own significance.

  7. Sit down with a child once a week to make a video call to your distant or near relatives.

- Vijaya Kathleen Essays

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