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If foot cut off shoes, it will be useful to bring comfort to these domestic ways. | Timesok.com


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If foot cut off shoes, it will be useful to bring comfort to these domestic ways.
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Sometimes shoes are cut off when wearing new shoes, which can cause much trouble. No footwear is worn after foot cut. This is often done when the shoes are tight. When we wear tight shoes, it starts rubbing with skin and due to this rubbing, the blisters emerge. To avoid this, buy footwear that are comfy. Today we are going to tell you some tricks that can get rid of this problem ...

1. Use band AIDS on foot cut. If you are wearing heels, then place band AIDS in the wound place. It will be very relaxing and will not be difficult to walk.

2. Before wearing shoes, put a little tailpumper on the wound. This will relieve the pain. If you are wearing socks then keep in mind that your pants will dry.

3. Wear shoes by wearing thick socks in the legs Later, heat the dryer from where the shoes are tight. Wear shoes after wearing shoes until the shoes are completely cold. It will not cut foot from shoes. Tell you that this trick will work only on shoes made of leather.

4. Many types of silicone insoles are available for shoes in the market. You can use insoles on foot cut. Keep the insulating place in the wound place. It will get relief from this and do not cut the legs again.

5. Fill a plastic bag with water and now put your shoes in it. Now put this bag in the freezer. Leave the bag overnight in the freezer. The snow will freeze in the bag in the morning and the shoes will be wide.

6. Spray a little alcohol on the tight spot inside the shoe Wrap the shoes overnight in a folded paper. The more you use the paper the better the result will be. Remove the paper in the morning and look at the shoes. Now shoes will fit in your feet.

7. This trick is best for leather shoes. Put some moisturizer cream inside the shoe. Leave it for the night. Wear the shoes the next day.

8. Put a clean potato inside your shoes. Leave it for overnight Wear your shoes clean with clothes in the morning.