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Home Remedies for Hysteria
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Hysteria is a major disease in diseases caused by nervous system or nervous system disorders. The disease is higher for girls aged 15 to 25 years. The brain, memory of the women suffering from this disease and the ligaments becomes weak. Due to extreme anxiety, fear, bereavement, family distress, mental trauma, money loss, uterine disorder, etc., this disease can be caused. Apart from this, women are divy to hysteria due to lack of fulfillment of the desire of women in pampered love, delay in marriages, husband's innocence, divorces, and severe shock of death of a neighbor.

The woman suffering from it starts laughing or crying without reason or for very slight reasons. Sounds or light sounds unpleasant to him Many symptoms may appear in hysteria, dizziness, breathlessness, anxiety, fatigue, headache, weakness, indigestion, pain in different organs in the body, disturbances in periods, abnormalities in sex behavior.

Bring in Give him comfort when he is conscious. Serve syrup, fruit juices, sweet milk.
* The fresh juice of banana stem is an accurate divscription to cure Hysteria. Eating a fresh glass of stem every three times a day benefits from consuming fresh juice. Consumption of this recipe can be good effect for 3-4 months.

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* Coriander is very beneficial in hysteria disease. Mix 25 grams coriander and 10 grams of Sarpagandha with fine powder. Consume 1 to 2 grams of water at night while sleeping. Consuming this recipe for a few days is definitely beneficial.
* Three times (three times in the morning and afternoon) tripla with lukewarm water for three days. After that take 100-100 grams of five salt and mix it together and put it in a clean vessel. Wash gourd powder and peel it with a long piece. Then make small pieces of it and add mixed salt to it and take it for one month. It will surely relieve the hysteria disease.
* A cup of beetroot juice should be mixed daily with a teaspoon amla juice mixed in fresh juice. [1 9659002] Read also: 11 miraculous benefits of coconut
* The patient who mixed the powders of the hair with honey Every day, it lasts for 40 days and consumes only milk and rice in the food, its horrible and chronic histiaria disease also becomes calmer.
* Hygiene provides relief from snuff. Eating almonds from one gram to one gram regularly benefits. With 120 ml Anima should also be taken in water by adding 2 grams asafetida.

- Reha Gupta

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