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Heart fall in breakup, they appear on health, such side effects
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Boy-girl friendship is not a bad thing, but some people's relationship goes beyond friendship. For a couple of years, they date each other and for some reason there is a crack in this enlarged relationship. Some people lose their heart due to breakup. In this situation, he begins to separate from other people. Gradually their health starts to deteriorate, because the effect of breakup starts with emotions as well as on health. Let's know how health affects the effect of breakup .....

1. According to a research, muscle spasms and swelling start after breakup. In this situation the person is badly broken from inside. Her headache begins to grow and it may also cause stiffness in the neck. Many times it also causes problems in walking and walking.

2. Emotional pens begin to be caused due to breakup. The effect of which starts falling on the chest. There is also a complaint of chest pains that hurts a serious matter. It feels like someone has put a burden on the chest.

3. When the heart breaks from inside, then the person cries for several days. Its effect starts falling on the eyes. Swelling starts around the eyes, because there is a lot of difference between normal tears and tears. The amount of water and salt in these tears is low. Which causes inflammation in the eyes.

4. When muscle aches, its effect starts falling on the digestive system. In this situation, the supply of cortisol in the body begins to increase in quantity towards the digestive organs. By which hunger ends and digestive system starts getting disturbed.

5. Due to the emotional breakup, many problems in the body begin to grow. By which the body's adrenaline level begins to grow. Because of this, problems related to heart also start to occur.