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Health Benefits of Banana
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 Health Benefits of Banana

Bananas contain abundant proteins, iron, magnesium and vitamin B6. The problem of constipation and gas is removed by eating banana. As well as increasing daily consumption of bananas and milk, blood volume increases in the body. Digestion is good with fiber found in bananas. It also dilutes blood and also corrects blood circulation in the arteries. In fact, the magnesium found in it reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood by entering the body. Blood loss in the arteries is correct because of the low cholesterol levels.

* Jaundice is beneficial for feeding the patient with raw or unhygienic.

* Due to dysentery, salt and pita cumin seeds Feed the patient together.

* To remove the ulcers on the tongue, eat it with a dahi for two to three days continuously and after that only eat something. The blisters will be cured.

* After dry cough, mix two bananas in a mixer and add milk and white cardamom to the patient.

* If there is a problem of incurable disease, Eat daily in the morning or evening, or take two bananas regularly after eating.

* Due to the loose motions, after cutting the baked bananas like butter, mixing a few grains of sugar mixed in it, two or three times a day Eat more

* If there is injury and bleeding is not closed, then apply juice of banana stalks or banana peel is also beneficial.

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* After crushing the bitter banana and fry a teaspoon mishri and a small cardamom in it and eat and eat.

Grind the pulp in lemon juice and make a paste and apply it on the herpes.

* Al If you have a problem of urine repeatedly, take ghee in the banana juice and drink it.

* Burning Banana on burning place at a burnt place

* If a small child has diarrhea, then rinse the banana so that it becomes diluted like butter and give it to the baby. The stool will be closed.

* Due to eating ginger with ghee, pile disease is immediately cooled down.

* Taking a cooked sweet milk with eighteen-eight consecutive days removes the problem of hemorrhage

* Eating together two bananas in a teaspoon honey provides relief in chest pain by eating.

* If you have hair fall problem, add lemon juice to banana in the hair and apply it in the hair.

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super tip

eat banana regularly on the problem of blood divssure. It also removes the impurities of the blood, as well as correcting the flow of blood in the body.


According to the research, the benefit of dedivssion, or dedivssion, is beneficial. Actually, bananas contain proteins that relax the body. Because of this, dedivssion patients get relief whenever they eat.

Health Alert

Banana is beneficial, but also keep some dietary in it.

* Do not eat banana at night.

* Do not drink water after eating banana.

* Do not eat it when digestibility is weak.

* Do not eat arthritis and diabetes patients too.

* Banana leaves empty stomach after meals Eat only, then it will be more beneficial, because it is both antiseptic and digestive. [19] 659035] - Narendra Bhullar

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