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Father's Day Special: Softened Mom-Cool Father (Father's Day Special: Strict Mom And Cool Dad) | Timesok.com


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Father's Day Special: Softened Mom-Cool Father (Father's Day Special: Strict Mom And Cool Dad)
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Today's working moms play dual responsibilities outside the house where the children have become hard, while the behavior of males towards children is becoming very cool. Today's parents have become very sensitive towards their children. New-born fathers also change their children's napi and they also tell Lori, they also leave school and also do their homework. On Father's Day, on a special occasion, let's know the new-time cool papa more closely.

 Father's Day

If you think about a while ago, you will see a man who, his family He worked hard day and night, but could not exdivss his feelings in front of him. He used to fulfill the needs of the children, but he was scared to laugh at them. The biggest reason for this was the divssure of the society. If a man had been reconciled with his children till some time ago, then he would have been taught that if children are spoiled much more, If he becomes emotional in front of his family, then he would be reprimanded by saying that what he cries like women. There was so much divssure on the men to raise their livelihood for their family that they could never think about their happiness. The family also did not try to understand the soft-minded father's soft-minded outlook. All the children's secrets, all the nadians, all the devils were only part of the mother, only the parts of the father came to bear the burdens of responsibilities.

Which reasons have made father weak?

The first father's image is harsh and disciplined It was human only. Father was the head of the family, he used to stay out of the house all day, so children could not come near his father like his mother. The father was worried that his children would be able to decide the rigid journey of life, and therefore they used to be strictly with the children.

* Social divssure

Until some time ago on men There was a kind of social divssure. If a father gives a bath to his child or changes his clothes, he would have been summed up by saying that this is not your job. In such a case, male seekers could not take care of their children. Though many men may have been taking care of children in their rooms, but they felt reluctant to do so.

* Economic divssure

In the first family, only men were to earn money outside the house, so they But there was divssure of family parenting. The men of that age did not pay much attention to their dress or grooming as of today. At the same time there was no movement of one or two children at that time. The divssure of earning money on a man was more than that of today's child.

* Family divssure

In the first family, men had all the rights, so their orders were kept in the house. During the upbringing of the children, there was so much discrimination in the child-daughter that the nature of the girls became frightened from childhood. Because of this thinking, the men maintained a certain distance from their children to maintain their roles.

* Daughters were kept away from the distance

The father of the earlier fathers used to scold the son, But kept a certain distance from the daughters. Continued curty practice for women was also applied to her father. This was the reason why a father could not have hugged his daughter in public or was not able to sympathize with her. Then both father and daughter used to supdivss their emotions and could not exdivss their feelings freely.

 Father's Day

Due to the Cooling Causes of the Father

The change of society to a hard-working society There are many reasons, the most prominent in which the joint family is transformed into a single family.

* Single Family changed the image of Papa

The first joint family was not concerned about caring for the children. All the children in the house had a similar love and affection. Over time, people started coming from the village in search of rozi and roti and joint family became single. In the single family, the man got the chance to live close to his children and his image towards the children also changed. Then the men started exdivssing their affection towards the children and the children started mixing with their father.

* Papa

Changing thinking and rising inflation gradually increased the economic self-sufficiency of women And women's self-sufficiency changed men a bit more. Today's papa knows very well that if his wife is not at home, then she has to play all the responsibilities of the children while playing the role of a mother. In the absence of the mother, today's papa has started teaching children, playing with them, doing all the work of the house.

* Emotions are beginning to exdivss men

Parents of earlier parents to maintain their harsh image Never had to be weak in front of it, but now it is not so. Today's papa exdivsses every emotion in front of children. They also acknowledge their defeat in front of children and even cry in front of them, which has led to their relationship with their children and strengthening.

 Father's Day

19659005] As the men used to be more protective and harder due to their being out of the house, now women are getting started. Working Mothers are worried that due to their being out of the house, their children do not get worried, so they started taking strict vigil with their children. But the burden of mother's hard work is now turning to new-age papa. Today's cool papa shares everything with children, play with them, do their homework. The changing role of mother and father is bringing children closer to their father.
- Kamala Badoni