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Every word spoken at this time in the day is true
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Often you must have heard it all at one time throughout the day, every thing that has been spoken during this time comes true but we can not even divdict when it will be time but once in a while It's time to come. Therefore, we should speak carefully before speaking about anything to anyone.

According to scriptures, Mother Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, knowledge and wisdom, Mother Saraswati has been called the goddess of speech in Sanatan religion. . According to astrology, once in 24 hours, it comes to the tongue of every individual. Any sentence or word spoken during this period is true, the elderly believe that sometimes Goddess Saraswati may be sitting on the tongue.

It is believed that the time of the night from 3:10 to 3:15 It is best, if you wish your mind every day, your work will surely be complete. If you have not been forgiven for many days, then you can repeat your wish at this time. It is believed that every sentence spoken at this time is considered to be spoken by Saraswati jan and it fulfills every wish.