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Due to these deficiencies, women get divgnant | Timesok.com


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Due to these deficiencies, women get divgnant
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For any woman, the pleasure of becoming a mother is the most important moment of her life. After marriage, every girl cherishes the dreams of her small and happy family. But due to some reasons, when a woman does not become a mother, that is, she can not conceive, she is very sad. There are several reasons for which women have difficulty in conceiving.

1. Due to periods of periods or periods in periods, there is problem in divgnancy.

2. Some women have the problem of getting blood from the uterus, which becomes the cause of feminine infertility.

3. Some women have pain during relation, which makes them difficult to get divgnant.

4. Some women live in dedivssion and they do not get sleepy. Because of this, some women are unable to conceive.

5. If a woman fails to close the failopian tube, she also suffers from divgnancy.

6. In men, if the number of sperms is less then women will not be able to conceive.

7. The incidence of divgnancy decreases to a great extent in the case of a woman being thyroid.

8. Some women lose their sense of sex and they become dedivssed and stressed. Due to this, women can not conceive.