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Do you know whether this is an interest in him or not?
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There is a relationship with love, faith and agreement. In every relationship, if the love of any one falls short, the relationship breaks down. Similarly, there are times when you feel that your partner does not show interest in you. Or do you think that you are misunderstood about him? If there is such a time in your life and you are unable to understand, then today we will tell you such tips, which can be judged whether your partner is interested in you or not .....

1 . If you ask your partner to create a message or weekend plan every time, or your partner does not ask you what your life is going on or what it does not understand that he is igniting you and you have some kind of Not interested.

2. If you have been in a long relationship with your partner and have never mixed any of your close friends or family, then understand that there is something wrong with the relationship. Making a distance from such partners would be right for you.

3. Sometimes it happens that the partner is more than happy to talk to you instead of talking to others, and if you are anxious to talk to you, then understand that your relationship begins to crack.

4. If your partner only talks to you for the purpose of paying for your means or to get some work done, then it will be better to break the relationship because such relationships do not last long.