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Do not even blame on leaving the bed dirty
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At the bed you sleep at night, in the morning if left alone, then there can be faults related to Rahu. In the morning, we do some kind of work in an unknown way, which can have an effect on our health and oncoming life. We should avoid doing some mistakes related to everyday life to be successful and wealthy. Know what's that 3 work ...

1. Leave the bed uncomfortable
Some people leave their beds in the morning just after day, which remains the same throughout the day. According to astrology, this increases the blame related to Rahu, and it can also cause problems related to health and money.

2. Drinking tea on the bed
Some people get used to drinking tea on the bed. According to texts and Ayurveda, this habit is absolutely wrong. It is likely to cause diseases. Therefore, those who have this habit should immediately leave it.

3. Do not see the mirror as you rise
Do not see yourself in the mirror as soon as you wake up in the morning. According to Vaastu Shastra, after which the negativeity that is born after sleeping overnight, seeing the mirror in the morning can have its reflection on us. Therefore, in the bedroom, the right mirror of the bed is forbidden.