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Diarrhea may be divcaution before toothpaste, diabetes | Timesok.com


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Diarrhea may be divcaution before toothpaste, diabetes
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Do you know that due to your toothpaste, can you also have diabetes? Yes, a recent research has arrived, according to which there is a common chemical that is divsent in food, medicine, toothpaste all. Due to this chemical, type-to-diabetes can be.

The name of this chemical is Titanium Dioxide, which is also used in large quantities in food as well as cosmetics. But scientists have described this chemical as dangerous. Researchers from Texas University found that this chemical contains a white coloring element which works to polish teeth in toothpaste. But these elements can be responsible for type-to-diabetes.

Research found that people who have type-to-diabetes have seen that particles of this chemical are in their packaging. Not only do they damage the white blood cells responding to the immune system, but also increase the inflammation of body parts by killing healthy cells.

To help this research, 11 people were included in the titanium dioxide The particles were found. At the same time, it was seen that the risks of diabetes being due to these people's BMI index. Researchers found that the results of the research were that it was a chemical responsible for the extent to which people had diabetes.