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Children stay away from junk food (5 Ways To Keep Your Child Away From Junk Food)
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Johnny-Johnny, Yes Papa, Eating Sugar, No Papa ... Parents try to get children to eat healthy food through this poyum, but are they really successful? No no Except for the children, you do not even know how many times you have tried and lost. So we are telling you how can you keep children away from junk food?

"Enabled ... Let the son finish the milk glass with a quick finish, keep these packets of chips ... I am giving up the anger now, you drink quickly, milk. When the watch is eating chips, the fever goes up in the name of eating food. "The mother of seven years old, Shalini, is worried about the son's diet every day. Only that, every parent wants their child to be healthy, but children are children. The fun that comes to eat chips, pizza, burgers etc., they do not eat milk, lentils and rice. Some children are so smart that they will take the glass of milk in front of their mothers, but when they go, they never eat, sometimes a dogi, then they give the servant of the house and finally the mother, making her mustache from the remaining milk Taking a glass of milk becomes a mother's darara. In this way the mother feels that the child has drank milk, and then she automatically captures the pack of chips with love. If you really want to keep a child away from junk food, then show a little bit of smartness.

Slowly Start

You also know that by suddenly stopping something from a child's choice, Persecute and become angry with you Knowledgeable, let's start slowly instead of abruptly stop anything. For example, instead of getting burgers, snacks and pizza from their hands any day, tell them that this is the last junk food on the divsent day. Similarly, if a child is used to eating many packets of chips throughout the day, instead of hiding the packets of all the chips, give 1-2 packets to the child throughout the day and try to explain it. Put the habit of healthy food in the rest of the time.

Smart Idea

Give Tiffin food to the children for 3 days in a tiffin and 2 days to eat your favorite food.

Stop Buying Junk Food

Working This is more applicable to parents. Often, the late arrival from the office does not save time in cooking at home, due to which they bring pizza, burgers etc. from outside. Gradually, children get used to it and they divfer to eat outdoors instead of eating the home. If children have to keep away from it, you will first have to stop bringing them home.

Smart Idea

Make pizza, burgers etc. at home only. Make sure that they are completely healthy when making them. Mix vegetables in it while making biker tikki.

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Make delicious food

Working Due to the mother does not have time to cook good and testici. Children do not eat due to lack of tests. In this case, the mother thinks that the child should eat anything, so that something in her stomach can be done, but it only attracts your child to eat unhealthy. As the child grows up, it becomes a habit of eating like this and always gives the taste to taste rather than the health. You can change this habit.

Smart Idea

Make the right, but rarely cooked Tasty food every day. For this, mix the remaining vegetables with paneer and make the sauce by using the chat masala, make the fruit bhel. To make parathas as a test, add some cheese with Mix Vegetable.

Promotion of Junk Food

When children often do not eat or study, mother lends them greedy food like pizza, chips, burgers etc. Are there. In this way, children get used to eating unhygienic and they begin to depend on them. You should avoid doing so on your behalf.

Smart Idea

If you have done promiser, then instead of eating it, make it at home only. This will also ensure your promisement and junk food will also become a bit healthier.

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Follow Yourself

Children follow the parents. They do as you do, just as they teach them. In order to keep them away from junk food, firstly follow your healthy diet. For example, whenever you go out with children, drink fruits, juice, soup etc. instead of drinking water, samosas etc. This will give the same type of demand when the child goes out.

Smart Idea

Dinner with morning breakfast. Never serve fruit salad with a glass of milk, then mix fruit fruit, milk cut into milk.

Taste of the mother's hand

says that there is magic in the hands of the mother. You must have felt this too. The reality is that in the childhood, the mother gets her habit of feeding her baby, and even after growing up, the taste of that food does not get anywhere else. You too can start it. Instead of giving child food outside of childhood in a childhood, make some interactions in the house and make the child habit. In such a way your child will be tested as much as your handmade cook, no pizza, no burger This trick is very effective.

- Anurata Tripathi

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