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Before leaving home, girls must keep these 4 things in their bag | Timesok.com


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Before leaving home, girls must keep these 4 things in their bag
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Girls should be serious about this matter and keep the necessary things in their bags. When we leave home, we do not forget to keep mobile and money. Similarly, today we are telling you what things should be kept in their bags when leaving the house.

Safety Pins: -

Safety pin is called best jugaad. Every girl should keep the safety pin in her bag while leaving the house. Whether your top bursts, breaks the slippers step or the bag is broken from somewhere. Safety pins provide us security for a while.

Scarf: -

Scarves are a lot of work to make our look cool and protect respect. The scarf makes your look even more perfect. If traveling frequently, if there is dust or dust running, scarves are important for our hair and skin care. At the same time, our top or suit also breaks from somewhere even when the scarf is very useful.

Perfume: -

Sometimes due to perspiration, the body sometimes gets very bad smells. Use of Dio leads to sweating less. So always keep perfume in your bag. The smell coming from the body already spoils the imdivssion of a person. If you do not want this to happen with you, then always keep Dio in your bag.

Glue Stick:

Glue Stick must be in the baggage of every girl while leaving the house. Many times, interviews or special meetings need to be visited. At that time, if our sandal or bag stops are broken, then we have a lot of trouble. But if we have a glue stick in our bag then wherever we are going, we can connect to our thing.