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5 Id Special Mehndi Designs (5 Eid Special Mehndi Designs)
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We are telling you the best, easy and simple way of applying henna to the 5 Id Special Mehndi Design Steps Step by step. 5 Id Special Mehndi Designs You will find many tips to apply. Make Mehndi two days before any wedding or festival. By this, the color of the Mehndi will be deeper and better because of the function, because it takes at least one to two days to climb the henna color completely.

 Eid Special Mehndi Designs

Mehndi 10 best and EZ tricks for applying design:
1) When the Mehdi is dry, put 4-5 cloves on a pan and let it smoke. Then put your hand slightly above the pan and then wake it up. Do this until they get hot. Repeat this procedure again and repeat this process again.

2) There is a traditional and commercial way to deepen the henna color of lime. Yes, the color of the henna is deeper than rub the lime on the Mehniwali palms without water.

3) If you want that the color of the Mehndi comes very deep, rubbish Mehdi and remove it for at least 24 hours. Do not wash your hands or feet.

4) If the color of the Mehndi is dimmed or it starts appearing, then this cosmetic can be removed by bleach.

5) Mehndi has cooling elements, therefore, It was cut off or Applying it to a burnt place cools down.

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6) Relief on applying henna on lush heat.

7) If there is headache on being in high intensity sunlight, then make a paste of fresh leaves of Mehndi and add vinegar to it on the forehead.

8) Boil some leaves of Mehndi in mustard oil. Massage it by filtering it. It causes growth of hair.

9) If the person troubled with the problem of arthritis, massage regularly with henna oil, then it is very easy to get relief with pain.

10) If your body tasir If you are cold, then you may not have a dark color of henna. In this way, you can use cloves. Take a clove of cloves on the hands of Mehndiwala hands. In the weddings, this method is adopted to deepen the color of the henna.

See the video for the Eid Special Mehndi Designs Step by Step.