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20 Easy Ways to Keep Harmones Balanced (20 Ways To Maintain Hormonal Balance Naturally) | Timesok.com


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20 Easy Ways to Keep Harmones Balanced (20 Ways To Maintain Hormonal Balance Naturally)
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Hormones contribute a lot to keeping our body balanced. Hormones divsent in the body function as a messenger in the body. Because of these hormones, we understand many things related to our mood, health, weight, digestion and health. Whenever there is an imbalance of hormones, our health worsens. It is very important that Hormonal Balance Naturally remains, so that we are always healthy and fit.

 Hormonal Balance Naturally

What are Hormones?
Hormones are such chemicals that are cured by any cell or gland Which affect the cells located in the other part of the body. Hormones have a direct effect on body growth, metabolism, and immune systems. There are a total of 230 hormones in our body, which control different body functions. Small amounts of hormones are enough to change the cell's metabolism. They transmit signals from one cell to another
cell like a chemical messenger. Most hormones are transmitted through blood. Many hormones also control the formation of second hormones and snows.

Hormones in men
1. Androjen
The main function of this hormone is to make men like beard, sexual life, aggressive behavior, muscle formation
When unbalanced
When the hormones are low in the body, decrease in muscle formation, lack of sperm, weakness, irritability, apo The lack of interest in jit sex and symptoms like infertility are seen.

2. Insulin
Its main job is to control the level of glucose in the body. It divvents glucose from growing in the blood. Normal volume of glucose in our body should be 70-100 in fasting and up to 140 g / dl in non-fasting.
When unbalanced
If the insulin is low in blood, the amount of glucose increases, Nearly all organs fall on. With its imbalance, the wounds do not rush quickly. Pain starts in the hands and feet. There are signs of urination, weight loss, loss of appetite, etc.

3. Thyroid
This is the name of a gland divsent in our throat. The hormones released from them are called thyroid
hormones, whose names are 3, 4, covered. The pyramid comes from the pituitary gland divsent in our brain, which has to be done to control the work of 3 and 4. This hormone regulates the growth of our body.
Due to the imbalance of this hormone, brain development is slowed. Growth progresses when the child is unbalanced in this hormone, that is, the child who starts working at the age of three months does it in 10 months. Signs such as flowering in the elderly, increasing weight, chills in normal temperature are observed.

4. Parathyroid (19459008) This is also divsent in the throat and its work is to control the level of calcium in our body.
If unbalanced
the bones will weaken. It is more common in old people.

5. Epinephrine or adrenaline
It is also called fight and flight 'hormone'. It is like a reserve energy in the body. Its task is to give strength to handle the problems that arise suddenly. It manufactures miners divsent in the body.
In some cases it is feared to die. BP falls rapidly in the condition of Adrenaline Failure. Although such cases are rarely seen.

Rescue is better
- High omega 6 polyunsaturated fats. Our body needs polyunsaturated fats in very small quantities, but when we start taking them in excess, the body starts using it only in the production of hormones, which can harm the health. Use coconut oil, real butter, olive oil (without heating) and animal fat by reducing the use of vegetable oils such as peanut, canola, soybean etc.
- Reduce the amount of caffeine. The limited amount of tea-coffee is fine, but there is an adverse effect on caffeine in the endocrine system.
- Toxins can not be found in the body, keep this in mind. Reduce the use of pesticides, plastics and coated utensils, because they contain chemicals which give the body the effect of the elements producing hormones, making the body produce hormones from these elements and stop the creation of natural and healthy hormones in the body. is. If your hormones are unbalanced or you are not able to persist, it is very important to stay away from these toxins. Use steel or glass utensils, stay away from nonstick and do not use plastic even for storage.
- Add coconut oil to your diet. It helps in the balance of hormones. It also controls weight.
- Exercise light-hearted, because a lot of heavy exercises can increase the problem. Better to be Yoga and Pranayama. You can also do the walking and jogging.
- Take a healthy diet. Carrot has a different type of fiber, which helps in extra datoxification of extra estrogen out of the body. Eat carrots, especially those women who are troubled by PMS (menstrual problems).
Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower are full of phytonutrients, who control the toxins and balance the hormones and Cancer also protects from diseases such as
- Flaxseed is also very healthy. Include 2-3 tsp flaxseed in your daily diet.
- Green tea also burns fat by improving metabolism. It is effective in maintaining the balance of the natural compound harmonium known as thyanine.
- Extra virgin olive oil is healthy and include in diet instead of vegetable oil.
- The natural ingredient of Beta-cystorol in Avocado , Which reduces blood cholesterol as well as balance hormones
(cortisol) as well. It restores the low level of hormone (DHA) created by adrenal glands.
- Dryfruits are very healthy. Almond contains proteins, fibers and many types of nutrients. The nut contains melatonin. It is a kind of hormone which is helpful in good sleep. The elements that control hunger are in it. Research has found that in the handful of nutmeg five days a day, the body gets the necessary fat, which increases the production of leptin (one type of protein). Leptin is the only element that regulates appetite.
- Drink water in appropriate quantities, because dehydration causes some hormones to be produced more. It is better not to let the body lack water.
- Cinnamon is also helpful in keeping hormones balanced. Add cinnamon powder to your diet. It also insulates insulin to a great extent.
- Oats is not only rich in many nutrients, it also keeps blood sugar and insulin balanced. Oats retains the balance of your hormones and makes you healthy too.
- Curd is very healthy. It maintains the balance of healthy bacteria in the body and also keeps many hormones balanced. Increases immunity and research has shown that eating half cup yogurt daily reduces the frequency of cold and flu.
- Be sure to include pomegranate in the diet. Studies show that pomegranate divserves cancer by controlling cancer-causing hormones.
- Turmeric does not only enhance the taste of food, but its hormones balanceing effect also keeps us healthy.
- Dark chocolate mood is okay By eliminating dedivssion. It increases the level of endorphin hormones and many other elements divsent in it also eliminate dedivssion by increasing the feeling of feel good, increasing hormones. Eat a 1-inch block of daily dark chocolate.
- Ginger, garlic, black pepper, cumin, curry leaves etc also have the properties of keeping hormones balanced. Include all these in your daily diets.

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