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1021 Surya Namaskar Done by Yoga Guru Shammi Gupta's Students
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Home » 1021 Surya Namaskar Yoga Guru Shami Gupta's team celebrated with International Yoga Day-hot-gallery (International Yoga Day: 1021 Surya Namaskar Done By Yoga Guru Shammi Gupta's Students)

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Jainami Yoga Guru Shammi Gupta organized the Suryaathon in Mumbai on the occasion of International Yoga Day. People of all ages participated in this Suryaathon and took part in a huge number and from 5 a.m. to the sun salute according to their strength. The most important thing about this Surayathon was that in the Shami Gupta team's students Nupur Biswas, Kishal Kumar, Rajiv Kumar and Priya Gupta recorded the Surya Namaska ​​1021 times.

 Yoga Guru Shammi Gupta

[19659006] Practice started from 6 months ago
The students of Shammi Gupta, Nupur Biswas said that all these students practiced 1021 times Surya Namaskar on the occasion of International Yoga Day 6 Months have already started. Shammi Gupta encouraged his students and divpared them for 1021 times to do Surya Namaskar. Nupur Biswas told us that he has been practicing yoga continuously with Shammi for the last 8 years. They gradually practiced and increased the number of sun salutes. 6 months ago he started practicing 108 times and gradually increasing his numbers. Along with this, he was also doing regular Yoga.

 Yoga Guru Shammi Gupta

What Practices a week ago?
From last week these students have received Surya Namaskar Did not practice, only stretching, strengthening the potash, so that the body remains flexible, but there is no injury in the body, otherwise it is difficult to do Surya Namaskar.
For the past two days, all these students are in their diet Too much carbohydrate (rice, potato etc.) are taking, so that their body remains energy.

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[19659006] Do you also want to practice Surya Namaskar?
With Yoga, you can change your life. By yoga, you can not only make your body healthy, but also can improve yourself as well as mentally and intellectually. If you also want to practice Yoga and Surya Namaskar, then practice it with a good yoga guru. Gradually your body's capacity will increase and yoga will be automatically involved in your life. With this unique opportunity of International Yoga Day, you also start yoga and give yourself a gift of a healthy life-hot-gallery

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