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10 Unhealthy Office Habits (10 Unhealthy Office Habits)
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 Unhealthy Office Habits

Office for working people is their second home, but many people are victims of some such habits in the office, which have a bad effect on their health. Where are you hunting these unhealthy hats?

 Unhealthy Office Habits

Skipping Breakfast
In the early morning, when women leave home, women think that they will have breakfast in the office. But as soon as the office arrives, all forgets. The habit of skiping their daily breakfast has a bad effect on health. Research has also proven that by making breakfast, metabolism increases and energy also.

 Unhealthy Office Habits


Multitasking is a good thing, but recent research suggests that multitasking The direct impact of the work falls on the productivity and you get tired too soon. Those who do one thing at a time, it is quick and good and does not feel tired. So before starting a daily work, make the toudents of important things.

Touching the face again and again
Some people have a habit that talking to someone or sitting alone alone keeps touching their face . Many times they do not even realize that their hands keep standing on face again and again. This habit is not good. Frequent touch of face keeps the risk of skin infections. If your face is any pimple, then more and more will be increased by touching again and again.

 Unhealthy Office Habits

Unhealthy Lunch
After continuous work, your brain has a break and energy Is needed. In such a way, a home-made healthy food should be eaten. But nowadays, people eat canteen or hotel food, so that the body does not get the necessary nutrients. Soda is eaten outside, which you feel lazy instead of energized after eating.

Sitting on the chair
Those who have desk jobs have to sit in front of a computer for 8-10 hours continuously. In such a situation, due to lack of proper poster, there may be complaints of back pain and neck pain. So always sit on the chair. If needed, place a small cushion behind the back.

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 Unhealthy Office Habits

Staying in the same place
Desk jobs do not have a course option, they have to work continuously But, there can be a lot of stroll in the middle. Take a stroll in the office at 1 hour interval. Bring tea, coffee or water bottles to your self.

 Unhealthy Office Habits

Bringing a phone in the bathroom
Perhaps many times you might have done this as you talk to a client Moved to the washroom and kept the phone there. In this case, the jerms will also come to your destination along with the phone.

Drinking too much tea / coffee
Drinking too much tea and coffee to remove the stress causes health damage. In the office, you probably will do the same. But doing so does harm to the health.

Drinking water less often
In times of work, people are drowned in such a way that they forget to drink water from the water bottle placed in front of them. You do not make such a mistake. Water can be a problem of low drinking dehydration.

Crossing the feet
People often sit crossing their feet for rest, but having such a long sitting can cause pain in the waist or neck and Blood divssure can also increase.

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