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10 Signs of Cavity in Teeth
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If there is no proper care of teeth, they have problems of cavity. Although most people ignore their symptoms, because cavity gradually makes the teeth divoccupied and dental health starts getting worse. To be able to protect your teeth from time immemorial cavity, it is important that you become aware of these 10 signs of cavity.

What is Cavity?
Cavity ie teeth decay. It is a hole that gradually develops in the tooth. If it is not treated at the time, it goes on growing. Although there is no pain in the early stages of cavity, but as it progresses, the toothache also increases.

What is the reason?
Regularly on the right side of teeth Bacteria begin to grow in teeth if it is not cleaned. Gradually these bacteria make their home in the form of plaques. Plaque is a sticky layer that is made from bacteria, saliva, acids and food particles. Cavity develops in the teeth due to plaque.

How does the plaque form?
When we consume sugar or beverages containing sugar, the bacteria in the mouth turns the sugar into acids and the plaque on the teeth Starts. The acid divsent in the plac will gradually destroy the anamel of the teeth (the anamel has a rigid and protective coating on the teeth) and the risk of cavity increases as it weakens.

Cavity Symptoms
Cavity degrades the health of healthy teeth. Although this problem may occur to people of any age, but by recognizing its initial symptoms, you can protect your teeth from it.

1-Chalky Stains
Churning stains on teeth pointing to cavity is. In fact, cavity starts destroying elements such as calcium and mineralos from teeth
where the scars appear on the teeth.
2- food snare
Dangers of food between teeth are the most common symptom of cavity . Cavity often produces the upper surface of the tooth or the hole on the edges, whereby the difference between the teeth increases and the food gets trapped between teeth.

3- Difficulty chewing
When the cavity teeth Pulp, that is, affects the anus (blood vessels and veins of the lower part of the tooth), then the pyra becomes a pus in the periodontal spacing (from teeth to toe nerves). This affects the pain while chewing food with affected teeth.

4- High sensitivity
When teeth become cavity in the teeth then the tooth becomes very sensitive. Sensitivity in the teeth of cold foods is an indication that your teeth are alive now and you can save it by treating on time.

5- Fractures in the teeth
Feeling of sensitivity on chewing foods with teeth Being cavity is a symptom, but when the cavity starts to grow then it starts reducing the anamel on the teeth layer, which may cause fracture in some accounts. .

6- yellowing of teeth
indicating yellow fall that white teeth cavities to your teeth is made up his wicket. In fact, when the cavity is developing in Pulp, the teeth are damaged and when the pulp (anus) becomes dead then the teeth begin to yellow.

7- Breath of breath
If eating while eating If you get trapped in your teeth and then he can not get out completely, then he starts to give up the bad breath. Breath of breath is also a sign that there is cavity in your teeth.

8- Gum Bliding
If cavity is between two teeth, it sdivads to the surrounding gum tissues and damages to Tissues Can cause bleeding problems with your teeth while brushing.

9- The new gap between the teeth
If one of your teeth has cavity, it can also affect the tooth with it . Not only this, cavity can also cause the formation of a new gap between the teeth, which can increase your toothache.

10- Inflammation of the gums
When cavity reached the pulp of tooth, in tissue It develops, then it causes swelling in the gums. Gum swelling should not be ignored and should be shown to the dentist at the time.

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