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10 Best Traveling Tricks
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As much as we are happy with the name of travel, the more disturbing as the name of the packing. Packing is always boring, but if you do not pack well, then the fun of Trip can be gritty.

 Best Traveling Tricks [1 9659004] 1. Roll the clothes instead of folding them. It is quick and does not take too much space. If you do not want to carry too much clothes, do not even want to repeat the cloth, then pack each bag with two tops according to wear. </p><p> 2 . Instead of wrapping dirty shoes in a sheet of paper, put them in a shower cap or shoe bag. If you are rolling the rolling luggage, then put the heaviest thing down to the wheels. This will be the weight distribution equal and the goods will not be around. <br/> 3. Pack the brush, toothpaste, makeup items etc. in a transparent pouch. If there is any kind of leakage, it will not sdivad throughout the suitcase, and you will also be able to see all the things. <br/> 4. To protect them from engaging in earphones, chargers and other wirewheel things, keep them rolled and in the case of glasses. It is also easy to open and close it. <br/> 5. Put the breakdown things like perfume bottles in socks. They do not have to fear their collapsing and scratches. <br/> 6. If you are taking boots, sneakers, etc., then wear them instead of packing them. This will save the place too and the goods will not be too heavy. Do not make any mistake to keep cash in one place. Place the cache in different places in socks, bags and toiletries case etc. <br/> 7. Take a good moisturizer and lip balm in your purse while traveling. It will keep your skin safe from the cold winds of the plane or train. <br/> 8. During the trip, there may be some kind of illness, such as food poisoning, headache, abdominal pain, jet lag, occupancy etc. To deal with such a situation, carry medicines commonly used in the bag. <br/> 9. Make a list of packing items in a notebook and keep them in the luggage. Prepare separate list for a separate trip for a long trip and for a day or two. <br/> 10. If you are staying at a hotel for the first time, instead of booking through travel sites, check the rates by dialing the hotel directly and talk to them according to your budget. By talking a little smiling you can get good deals. This idea is very effective for small and medium-class hotels. </p>
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