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Ways to get rid of acne scars, to cheer yourself down
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Muhase ke Daag Dur Karne ke Tarike: Face is considered to be the most important part of our beauty. So nobody takes care of its carelessness. But even after taking care of many times, black spot spots are on the face. These marks not only spoil the beauty of your face but also spoil your face.

The main reason for which is acne, nail, black head, and pimples etc. Over time, acne, etc., gets better on the skin, but they are left behind, these stains. Which also causes the skin to be formed. That is why it is said that they should not be touching or extracting if they have acne etc.

If there is such a stain of acne on your face, then here we are telling you some remedies, whose help is to get rid of acne scars forever. can be found. So let's know about those remedies-hot-gallery

Home remedies for removing stains of acne: -

Aloe vera gel:

Aloe vera is beneficial in removing both dark and dark stains. With this help, any problems related to the skin can be relieved. For the stain of acne, take a little aloe vera gel and mix lemon juice, turmeric and baking soda in it. Mix the paste well and paste it on the stain. The stain will be removed in a few experiments.

Lemon juice:

Lime has properties of vitamin C as well as bleaching properties, which are common problems related to skin such as tanning, skin blackness, sunburn , Help to remove acne scars, dark circles etc. Mix it with turmeric and honey for the acne scars.


If the facial scars are very deep and if you see a black shadow on the face when seen from a distance, then glycerin is a better solution to remove such scars. Mix 2 drops of glycerin with a little lemon juice and honey and make a mixture. Now put it on the stain and massage it for some time. Keep for 30 minutes after massage and after that clean the face. Using regular remedies, the stains will be permanently removed.

Orange peel:

With the help of orange peel, skin scars can be removed. For this, you need to grind orange peels and make the pack. To make the pack, first dry the orange peels in the incense. Then grind the crackle and mix honey in it and apply it on the screwed part. The problem will be solved in some experiments.

Chandan Powder:  Dry Skin Honey and Chndan

Sandalwood powder is also very beneficial to remove the stains of acne. With this help, many skin related problems can be cured. For this, pour a little rose water in sandalwood powder and make the sour. Now apply it on the whole face. Wash face after 40-50 minutes. Skin scars will be removed.

Cold milk:

If you have to remove facial scars in a few days, you can also use milk. Take a little cold milk for this and apply it on the stain with the help of cotton. It is better to mix turmeric in milk. If your skin is oily then mix lemon juice in it.

Gulab petal:

Gulab petals for removal of skin scars Mix and mix milk in it. Then use this mixture on the scar of the skin. The stain will be lightened and the color of the skin will also be cleaned.


Curd can be used for skin scars. For this add a little turmeric in the curd and then make the face pack. Now use it on the skin. Regular use will remove the scars and skin color will also become lighter. It can also be used by adding rice flour and gram flour in it. Glue will also come on the face.

Lemon and coconut oil:

If you have stains on your face due to acne, then you can use lemon and coconut oil for it. For this, first lemon was eaten on the stained part of the skin, then after adding a little baking soda and turmeric paste in coconut oil, make paste and apply it on that part. These remedies are very beneficial for rustic skin scars.


You can use Neem to remove acne scars. Grind neem leaves for this and make a paste and apply it on the faces and scars of the face. This will clear both stains and acne.

So these were some of the normal home remedies which can help to remove facial scars. With the help of these remedies, the stains of acne can be removed forever without any harmful result.


Ways to get rid of acne scars, to cheer yourself down | Timesok.com Ways to get rid of acne scars, to cheer yourself down
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