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Before making makeup, wash the face with ginger water. After this, start making make-up after massage with oil purifier moisturizer.
- Before brushing, brush your skin for 5-10 minutes. After that makeup makes it last for a long time.
- If you have forgotten to go to a party directly from the office and keep it in the blush on purse, then apply smooth lipstick on the cheeks like a cream blush.
- If I do not want to make make-up Or do not have time for it, curl your eye lashes and take a mask. This is the easiest and quickest way to give an attractive look to the eyes.
- Apart from this, these tricks can also try out. Take a brown shade of brown eyeshadow and smile on the eyelids with the help of brush. Put all the masks on the lower lid and put mascara on the lower lid.
- Look at the eyes for the evening parties. This will make you look glamorous.
- Rub the mascara on the oyield with cotton bud (ear bud) for this. Now, the lip pencil you apply on the lip, rub the lip pencil on the skin and lighten it with cotton boards.
- Keep an eye out for makeup throughout the day. Put together a stick foundation for touch up, which is easy enough to give fresh makeup to your makeup. Avoid using too much powder.

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Try these Super Effective Makeup Tricks | Try these Super Effective Makeup Tricks
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