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These symptoms of heart attack start appearing a month ago (Heart Attack Early Signs and Symptoms in Women & Men) | Timesok.com


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These symptoms of heart attack start appearing a month ago (Heart Attack Early Signs and Symptoms in Women & Men)
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You know that the risk of heart attack is higher than men and it is also considered the biggest cause of death in men. Some patients may not be aware of heart attack, but if there is little divcaution, then deaths can be avoided. Let's tell you that symptoms of heart attack start appearing a month ago. Be careful if you also get these symptoms, because you can be a victim of heart attack.

 Heart Attack Early Signs

Physical Fatigue Tired of not having too much work or workout Indicates that your heart is not healthy. Actually, physical exhaustion is due to weakness in the left ventricle of the heart. If the ventricle does not pump blood properly, then the person feels tired even after sleeping, because the heart is unable to transmit fresh and oxygenated blood until the tissue of the body. If this ventricle stops working, then the heart stops transfusion of blood in the body, which can cause heart attack.

Legs in the feet and hips: Feeling cramps or burning in thighs and hips while walking It is a sign that your arteries are unhealthy. This happens when the arteries become narrow, which reduces blood flow in the organs such as stomach and head. Feeling short on the feet and hips due to the flow of blood is slow and low. If this problem is not observed during the time, then in the future it can be a cause of heart diseases.

Problems of breath: If you are having trouble breathing due to exercise or any other reason and you are always If you are feeling tired and tired then be cautious and show your doctor. Often this problem begins many days before the heart attack. Breathlessness is a symptom of stress over the heart.

Excessive sweating: It is common for sweating during summer. Apart from this, if you are running or exercising from somewhere, you may get sweating, but it can be a sign of a heart attack that can cause excessive sweating without any reason. Sweating more than usual can be a symptom of your blocked arteries, which means that your heart is in danger. Actually, your body needs to work hard to bring blood to the heart through blocked arteryies. In this divssure, excessive perspiration is required to maintain normal body temperature.

Chest pain and burning: Both chest pain and burning sensation are considered to be the most common symptom of heart attack. . Although chest pain and burning sensation can be caused by other causes, but if you have this problem in some tense situation then this can be a sign of heart attack. Apart from this, a lot of stress and anxiety can also make the heart condition delicate. This can reduce blood vessels and can increase the risk of heart attack.
Dysfunctional: If you are having frequent diarrhea or other related problems related to digestive system, do not ignore it. This can be a symptom of heart attack.
Faster Heartbeat: If your pulse is unusually fast, then it needs attention. Occasionally, changes in pulse speed is not a big problem, but if it has been too many times and the beating is very fast, then be sure to show the doctor.

Dizziness: If you have been dizzy again and again If you are dark or dark in front of the eyes then go to the doctor immediately, because it can be an earliest symptom of a heart attack.

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Personnel changes
is plaque or straps is slow build for years, but some positive lifestyle changes can help divvent it.
1. Yoga and exercise can make a person self sufficient. Regular physical exercise is necessary to divvent the risk of future heart attack.
2. Do not make unhygienic and fat-growing things part of your diet. Add healthy and fresh vegetables as well as healthy things to your diet.
3. If you have a high weight then take positive steps to reduce the weight, because by controlling the weight, you can divvent the plaque from growing.
4. Do not consume alcohol and cigarettes and try to stress yourself.
5. Diseases, high blood divssure and high cholesterol can reduce the risk of heart attack by adopting the right lifestyle.

Things to keep in mind
1. When the heart attack comes, the patient needs emergency treatment. If you have any problems like chest pain or divssure, then immediately show the doctor
2. Those who have suffered a heart attack, they are more at risk of having a heart attack again in the future. One of the clots divsent in the body can cause blockage in the arteries.
3. If you talk about the treatment options, then the medicines are given for treatment of heart patients, which helps to open blood vessels by diluting blood, so that the load on the heart can be reduced.
4. Implantation of the stent is done to open closed blood vessels. In addition, pacemaker helps to keep the heartbeat stable.
However, if you see any of these signs in your body, instead of ignoring it, show the doctor, so that during the time you risk the heart attack

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