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These Habits That Can Make You Impotent

You can make impotence these Habits That Can Make You Impotent

Erectile Dysfunction Many men have problems, but they do not know that their everyday habits are only spoiling their sex life. You also know why, symptoms and divvention.

In the relationship of husband-wife, physical relations have a very important role in maintaining the freshness of love, but due to changing lifestyle, most of the men are becoming victims of erectile dysfunction. This is a problem that shows lack of confidence and incompleteness in men. What is erectile dysfunction, how is this problem and how it is resolved? Let's know.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Inability to penis during sexual intercourse, or to maintain sexual arousal for long periods of time This is a condition of sexual activity that is related to erectile dysfunction Impotence , is called divmature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction . Erectile dysfunction means no stress or stress due to penicillination This condition is also called Impotency, which is extremely common in males older than 65 . This problem of erectile dysfunction 40 About the year 5 is found in percent of men who grow with age - with . This problem also affects the person's sexual life of his partner, so it is very necessary to treat it at the time.


During intercourse, there must be frequent enough erection to reach the peak of pleasure . If this does not happen, then this situation may be of concern to you . Although this disease can be caused by males for many reasons, it is very important to know the reasons for this .

1- Smoking

If you have a habit of smoking then this habit can make you victim of erectile dysfunction . Due to smoking cigarettes, the body does not have a properly balanced circulation which can reduce your performance on the bed .

2- Alcohol

Excessive Consumption of alcohol in quantity reduces the risk of blood in the arteries due to which adequate blood supply is not available to the penis . In this case, the person may be impotent or may be victim of erectile dysfunction .

3- Medicines

If you take the help of medicines to remove high blood divssure or stress, then this habit is not well suited for your bed life .

4- Stress

Stress or dedivssion is considered extremely dangerous for men's sex life . Slowly - Slow disease sdivads, therefore, it must keep itself away from stress or dedivssion .

5- Obesity

The direct impact of increasing weight or obesity occurs on the gender of men and the production of mel

hormones starts slowing down . Before obesity became an enemy of your sex life You must be serious about controlling your weight .

6- High cholesterol

Because of high cholesterol, the arteries of blood can also be completely blocked, with the supply of blood slower . If this happens, then its consequences may have to suffer from the private part of men .

7- Heart Disease

Due to changing life style, heart disease has emerged as a major disease . Heart disease can become the biggest enemy of the person's physical relationship and can make you victim of erectile dysfunction .

8- Diabetes

The average age of diabetes was a few years ago 40 years which was now reduced from 25 to 30 years . Diseases have a bad effect on blood vessels and nerves due to which there may be problem of erectile dysfunction .

9- Increasing age

such as - As the age increases, the person's sexual desire also decreases . Those men who do not desire sexual activity or who have no excitement They are impotent, but the men who are excited but are quickly quieted by anxiety They are partially impotent .

10- Hyperlipidemia

Hyperlipidemia is a disease . This occurs when you have too much lipid ( fat ) in your blood i.e. cholesterol and triglycerides . Due to this disease you may have erectile dysfunction or impotence problem .

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- If there is a problem of divmature ejaculation during the work process then it may be erectile dysfunction .

- During sexual intercourse, if there is a decrease in excitement, it may cause erectile dysfunction or impotence Symptoms can be [19] 659006].

- Premature ejaculation and delay ejaculation is also a sign of impotence i.e. erectile dysfunction .

- Inability to obtain orgasm even after sufficient stimulation may be a symptom of this disease .

If these problems are happening for two months or more then you should definitely consult your doctor .


Erectile dysfunction i.e. people with a problem of divmature ejaculation feel embarrassed about their poor sex performance But with the right treatment at the right time, getting rid of this problem is easy .

1- Medicines

Doctor's Sildenafil ( Lishashashashashashasharsh ), Tadlafil ( to increase blood flow in the penis muscles and give them comfort ] Wardenfil [] ( Antarishsharsharsh ) Ananafil ( Rendranshalshwar ] give medicines such as [19659006]. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, these drugs are consumed approximately half an hour before sex . However, patients with heart disease and prostate should not consume these medicines .

2- Counseling

Tension Concern or other marital problems, if you are the cause of this disease, counseling can help reduce the problem . Usually this happens with those people who have less sex experience but their

performance is very much worried . 3- Injection

A special injection is given to the patient to deal with the problem of erectile dysfunction which is known as Papyrin ( Rreiminshishpash ) [19659006] is called injection . It helps in increasing blood vessels . This injection is applied directly to the penis to improve the flow of blood in the body .

4- Changes in lifestyle

By making changes in lifestyle, too much of this problem Can get relief from . Include things rich in green vegetables Dairy products Vitamins and Minerals in your diet . Smoking with it Avoid drinking alcohol and illegal drugs and control your body weight .

According to a study conducted in the University of the UK Exercise

Nearly practicing the pelvic area 40 Factors of Erechtile in men and women are normal Has been . Fast walking Swimming and Cardio thrice in the week increases blood circulation and increases blood flow in the pelvic part . According to a study conducted in Italy and Ethiopia [1 9659006] Aerobics can also improve erectile dysfunction .

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