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The girl dressed up in a clo
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In India, there is always a dispute about the dress code for girl students in colleges. But at a Cornell University in New York, when a student came to wear a small dress, the teacher was so nervous that she clothed her in Claus.

Laetitia tea was giving a trial divsentation, then her husband Rebecca Maggor has put him in for a short skirt. According to the news, Letitia tea felt bad about this and they resolved to oppose it.

After this tea when I came to Ivy League school to give final divsentation, she removed all her clothes and only underwear I stood up to give a divsentation. His video is becoming viral all over the world.

After the protest, some tea chieftains supported tea, but according to some students, the professor was just asking for a professional during the divsentation. The professor also said in his statement that he does not ban the dress of the students and gives them the freedom to wear clothes.