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The cause and treatment of excess sweating, the reason for excessive sweating

Getting sweat from the body is a common procedure, it happens to every person. But there are also many people who have sweat too much. It is common for you to sweat in the heat, while exercising, or when you are in a lot of fear or stress. Due to the acryan sweat gland that occurs in the body, perspiration emerges from our body. This gland brings much sweating to your forehead, palm, leg soles, underarms, etc. More perspiration is also a sign of any type of illness in your body.

People troubled by heart disease, this problem is found in patients with blood divssure. That is why it should not be ignored when excessive sweating occurs. And one must definitely check it once. And sometimes you have to face problems like perspiration and soreness due to frequent sweating. So let us now tell you in detail that what causes excessive sweating, and how you can treat it.

  • Due to excessive heat, sweating is the most common thing.

  • If you are mentally Feeling stressful, or you feel very afraid of anything, you sweat more.

  • Those people whose weight is high, they may also have trouble.

  • Any physical illness Because of The problem may be more sweating.

  • Physical effort The more you do, the more sweating you get from your body.

  • Those who consume tea, coffee, alcohol, they also get more sweating. Because there is a high amount of caffeine in it.

  • You may also have to face this problem due to eating more spicy food.

  • If you consume too much of smoking, you may have more problems getting more sweating.

  • People who wear synthetic clothes are more likely to have this problem.

Grinding the granular grind, divpare a powder Now add water to it and divpare a paste, and leave it for 10 minutes before putting it on the whole body or before bathing, where you get more sweat. Take bath after that, after three or four times a week, sweating begins to decrease.

Take a spoonful of alum in bath water and take bath. This also helps you get rid of the problem of excessive sweating. But keep in mind not to give more quantity of alum, because it has a problem of getting more rubbish on the body.

Take gulabajal in water and take bath; This also helps you get rid of the problem of excessive sweating.Or Before leaving the bath, put the rose water on your body with cotton, leaving it for five minutes. And after taking good bath after this, it also helps you to get rid of this problem.

Twice a day if you take one or two spoons of water in a baking soda bath, then you also get more sweating Helps in resolving If you want to make baking soda and water paste, you can also apply it only to the place where you have a problem of sweating, and after that take a bath.

It is also known by the name of wheat jowar, it is not less than any medicine. If you consume regular glass of juice, it also helps to solve the problem of sweating more than your body.

Antioxidants divsent in grapes also help you to avoid this problem. If you consume regular grapes, you get benefit from it, you can also drink grapes juice too.

If you add salt and lemon in regular two to three glasses of cold water, Even your body gets cold. Which helps you to avoid the problem of excessive sweating.

  • Tea, coffee, smoking, and alcohol intake should be avoided.

  • Should not be stressed should be happy.

  • Cotton clothes Should be selected, especially in the summer.

  • To avoid heat, plenty of yogurt, lassi etc. should be consumed, it helps to keep your body cool.

  • Before taking bath, You should put it on, and after five minutes you should take good bath, it also benefits you.

  • Control your weight, it helps you avoid many problems.

  • Balanced and nutritious diet Should be consumed with more spices.

  • Taking tomato juice provides relief from the problem of perspiration.

  • You also get relief from this problem by consuming green tea.

These are some of the reasons that cause you to face more sweating problems. And if you have this problem then you can also solve the problem using the tips given above. Apart from this, if you experience more problems than this, then one should also take the night to the doctor.


The cause and treatment of excess sweating, the reason for excessive sweating | The cause and treatment of excess sweating, the reason for excessive sweating
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