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Tell your children about good touch and bad touch, good touch and bad touch

The truth of any incident happening in society every other day in the TV today is coming to us. Seeing that your parents are worried about their parents. If it is said that the child is not safe only between outsiders but many times. That is why it is important that you have to teach your child many things from a young age, and at the same time it is necessary to believe that you are always with them so that their courage can increase.

Believe that he can talk to you without any hesitation. In the same way, you should teach your children from a very young age what is good touch and bad touch so that they can get information about it. So whenever they have such a problem with them, they can save themselves, and you can also tell you the things that have happened to you. So let us now tell you some tips from which you can teach your children what is good touch and bad touch.

Children should first understand that they have the right to their body. Nobody can touch this without their permission. If someone tries to touch them, that means, children should run away from them or learn to oppose them.

When talking about jug touch and bad touch, learn to first say no to children. Tell them that if a person touches them with love and does not feel good then children should not tell them in such a way, or they should try not to hurt even when some person tries to harm them. [19659006] Spend the girls wearing a swim suit that the parts covered by them are their private parts. They can not touch anybody, if any unknown person or householder tries to touch them then they should tell their mother or other elder, this
provides information to children.

Many times Such an event is occurring in the TV, so most parents either turn the TV off, or change the channel. Which is wrong when you should show it to your child and lovingly explain what is wrong and what is right.

Tell your children, either their mother touches their body, or any doctor If someone touches his body during difficulties related to a medical, then he is right. Apart from this, if anyone asks them to take off clothes or touches their parts then they are wrong.

Tell the children that there is nothing wrong in their body, and there is a difference between girls and boys. Tell him also using love and good language so that these things will have the right effect and understand them well.

If you do not understand how you can tell your children about this If you start about, then you can take the story back. Tell the children about the events happening around this kind of story. And tell them what is right and what is wrong in it.

Tell your children to bath when they tell them that they are their private parts. If an unknown person or a member of the household touches their private party. And tries to harm them, then they should immediately scream, and should tell everyone about it in their house.

To talk about this, you should be a friend of the children. So you can better tell the kids about jug touch and bad touch. Also, your children can talk to you about it openly. By doing this, your children would like to share everything with you.

So these are some tips that you can use to tell your children what is good touch and bad touch. Apart from this, while learning to teach you children, it is important to keep in mind that you keep your language correct. So that it does not have any effect on the children and try to understand your things with good and loving love.


Tell your children about good touch and bad touch, good touch and bad touch | Tell your children about good touch and bad touch, good touch and bad touch
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