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Story- Foul (Short Story- Foul)

Father Ray-hot-gallery One answer is not giving in such a way that there is no clue. So what has happened is clear to ask that you have loved someone? Someone's green shawlwali be made? Do the limitations of your family also fall on love? But if such an episode has not happened in his life, how bad would it be to think that I have considered myself as a sly? Recognition could not show the courage to ask.

Recognition seems to have been different from the way it seems. The most work he has done is to think. So far nothing has been done except to think. When the new-young girl was on her day, she used to think that the story of 'Guleri', 'She had said', came in one of her green shawl, even when she came under the head of the well-established advocate Ayodhya Prasad of this developing city. I was learning to advocate in In Ayodhya Prasadji's chamber, there were five junior officers at that time. The four boys and the fifth one ... which eventually came out of green shawlwali. The four boys were whispering on it, but they were struck on ignorance. Recognition looked like this as an achievement.
Perhaps all the green shawl bridges carry one kismet by writing. There was so much variation in this episode that the Kudmai did not belong to Shalwali, it became known. As has been explained in the beginning, the knowledge has been thinking in different ways, then he would strongly oppose the kudamai but could not do it. He feels that he is the eldest of three brothers and one sister, but he has always been listened to him less. The reason is very clear, the main brother flag is M.D. Is doing, younger brother Dharam MBA Tax was just hired at a multinational company, but the identity did not make anything special, the result was that the whole family was suffering. Great wedding proposals were continuing for both younger brothers, but the proposals were not coming for recognition, and those who were coming, they would reduce the pride that this family was getting from both the little boys. In such a sensitive situation, Babuji gave a speech on the proposal of a fate that came from fate.
"Give up the ignorance, the stupidity and let us live ... Does it show that because of you, I have no answer to those big people Do not give up, who are coming to the flag and Dharam? "
" So marry the flag and Dharam. "
" The reputation of this family will survive, if the big ones are seated and the little ones get married? "
"So my first Please, from pleasant. "
" It will not. The girl of the lower class will not come in the Vipar total. And do not be screwed in love. After the big waiting, this proposal has come, do its duty. I did not know the Ayodhya Prasad's chamber is not advocated to teach Ishq ... your character has become bad. "
What was the idea of ​​ignorance? He and Suhani will soon be separated from Ayodhya Prasad and start independent advocacy in the partnership, will marry and grind the world and here it is not known what was going on.

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He did not know how much he was thinking and one night when he did not know how much it was, then the sister put him in his room with the hope that forcibly phyto Apart from this, Manisha is a poor girl. He was a hint, what to do now is the result of this Manishi name? How to accept? But Manisha is out of sight. He was asleep Knowing was shrinking in her own room in such a small place of her own bed as if she was not now in bed. Sitting in a futile time till then, he started thinking, wake up Manishi and ask the lawyer in a simple way, "Why did you marry that? Or did it ...? Have you ever loved Become a green shawl of someone? No? Then I can not answer my questions correctly. There is a lot of difference in the estimation and mentality of those who love and do not. "
It was strange that Manasi's guess- She was silent. Recognition was surprised at this silence. Amma murmurs in talk, sister talks about talk, she has heard that her habit has not been used even in her in laws. Suhani laughs in a matter-of-fact This silent girl is probably the first, while Manishi's silence was thanked to her family members. There were many such questions left out. They were becoming sensitive to Manishi. Babuji once again explained, "Abhigyan, now you have a responsibility. Why do not you start independently advocating? "
" I am thinking, start in partnership with Suhani. "
" Kukand, like a man and a man's partner, has not yet been in this city. What will people give you, if you do the case, will see the free spectacle. "
" Why are we both lawyers, why do men and women talk like this? "
Actually this was a strange situation. After completing the work of Amma-Babuji by marrying Manishi, the knowledge was liberated from the divssure, and by doing her own will Amma-Babuji came under divssure. Both sides were taking such divcautions and caution that they would not reach the other obstruction-resistance manishi and the situation would improve one day.
Manishi was completely kept separately from Amma-Babuji's stubbornness and ignorance. . Even when he started to go to maiden, he did not even talk to ignorance. Knowledge was thought, he would surely ask so and ask why is that why are you scattered like this? Did not ask. Not that, but some would ask. Then the ignorance asked, "Are you going to die? Is not the money? "
" Amma has given it. Well, what will be the need for money there? "Manishi bowed his eyes. Then Amma gave the money. The flag came in the middle, then brought saris and bangles for it. So everyone is looting on it so that it will delight one day. Well, I'm glad to be there. It is going to be maternal. This happiness is important now. Sleeping like a stranger in his own room in the big day. I will sdivad a lot and sleep ... but at night I came, I did not sleep. The disease of thinking. Can a girl be so calm? Almost absent, invisible Manishi stayed here for so many days, what would have been thinking? Is this relationship invalid by staying silent? Or is the divcaution that everything will be alright? Or is it challenging that such a person should disdain? But what is the purpose of my mind? Why am I thinking so much? Why not stop thinking?

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If all this was going on in the house then there were also incidents outside the home. As Suhani said, "I know, I am getting married. How long do you fight when you were a man and could not fight from time to time? The work is not able to work in advocacy. Advocacy did not give anything except black coat, you gave the disappointment. The fashioned scene created by the fashion ... then what would you say to me? " This same Sahani had said, "Oh, you got married, it should not be cold." It did not mean anything to Manishi on this issue. Recognition was filled with insult like insult, contempt, devaluation Truly the world is false.
Suhani's marriage was seen as a miracle in the house of recognition- Amma sacrificed God's clothes to Bundi.
Manishi asked, "How happy are you Amma? "
" In the happiness of Bihah of that mussutia (Chihiya). "Amma vahans said.
Recognition to know the reaction of Musa's seed, knowingly persuaded Manithi. There was no sense of jealousy or hatred like that. The idea of ​​knowledge became faster. So is Manishi aware about this love affair? Did Amma give you the knowledge that as far as possible, you take the knowledge out of the mussutia net? So, my image has been demolished in the eyes of the Manisha? And this is the reason for its silence ...?
Suhani did not come to see in the court again. Here Manishi's neutral spirit. Understanding did not understand what to do? Neither in the house nor out of the heart. Babuji paused her, and after a long time, putting her hands on her shoulder with caress said, "Ignorance, your problem is that you do not think positively."
Why does Manishi remain so silent? Do not think about me? About my image demolished by Amma? Will not I ever be interested in me? The thought was that crying, washing-up, rejuvenation, uprooting, vandalism would be like anything but here peace has restored that there has been a problem now. It goes to bed early in the night. Keep working all day long. Now worshiping ... Now it is making food ... Amma is feeding Babuji - is washing clothes - it does not bother you, tired? Its no expectation, hope, and no way? No, Suhani was not aware of the ignorance. He was not able to get heartbeats, sensation and vibrations even for Manisha, but why did not she want to know that Manishi should not be despised like this, but with the law, then Amma said, "Amma, it is ill Will happen.
Amma Mod was delighted, "You started worrying?"
By saying "what was the matter of worry ..." Abhigyan should have shown negligence, but she really started worrying. That's something wrong. Its silence has some meaning It is that I am not running away, Manishi is also running away from me. This is not even accepting me. This is also looking at me like an intervention. And in the charismatic manner she also thought that she also loves someone like I ... oops, what does it do with me? Why do I want to know all this? Because I should know. I know about it, it is my ethical, fundamental, constitutional right. It is violating my rights by not disclosing anything. Then the ignorance asked, "Do you like it here?"
"On that day, Amma, who was talking to a Musuistian, listening to something like this?"
"There is no blame in you Because many people love. "
" So you do not object? "
" Who pays attention to my objection? "
" Do you think these things are not told to you? Would it have been better? "
" It is not good to hide things. "

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Crikey-hot-gallery One answer is not giving in such a way that there is no clue. So what has happened is clear to ask that you have loved someone? Someone's green shawlwali be made? Do the limitations of your family also fall on love? But if such an episode has not happened in his life, how bad would it be to think that I have considered myself as a sly? Recognition could not show the courage to ask. Sure enough he saw Munshi very closely. Sitting like a tangible figure, the nan-mask of Manishi is not very sharp, but the milky-tongued skin gives a healthy look to the face.
Manishi's silence ignorance started to look unlawful. One was that day when it was thought it would not see its appearance. It's a day when it looks like it says something. Demonstrate your anger, reaction, prosecute. What is it that I'm unwanted in the room, it is lying silent. He started feeling restless,
"Manishi, are you happy with your condition?" He was calling for the first time with name
"Even after knowing this "
" Do you feel disappointed? "
" if not so. "
" Did you want anything else? "
" I understand No, "
Without direct espionage of love-affair, she worked with civilization," You are a state-level badminton player, do not ... I mean marriage. After a career in does not interfere? You were considered to be the best female player of your district? "
" Yes. "
" So is the win more recorded in the graph that defeat? "
" singles, lost few times in doubles, but mixed I always win. "
Mixed Doubles ... Who was his companion? Apart from playing what else would work? What will be the age Elements such as Anurag between the two ...
"When playing when you go to mate?"
"No. The game does not stop for anyone. There are other players coming here. "
" In Mixed Doubles ... "Manasi readily responded," My place has come to Bihar. "
" Did you feel sorry for seeing your place in Bihar? "
Manishi said so much," The rules of sports and life are often from one. Places are full. "
Manishi's growing tone of silence and identity. Actually everything was upside down. It was thought that he would have been running away and would have been taking care of it. But it happened that he was running, it was limited. Its runoff stopped, its collapse continued. Abhigyan was unable to wear a garland in love and was neither walking on the road nor was he able to wear saffron. So now he wanted to come to the coordination with the need and utility.
He wanted to think positively. Thinking positively, he found that although he has not opdivssed Manisha but has done it yet. He found himself guilty of being guilty, became ashamed, and then appeared before Manisha, as a forgiving person,
"Manisha, you must have reached the sadness of my bad behavior."
what could I do? What would have been my mood then? I could not guess how much time I spent. "
" I can. "
" Whatever happened, I'm sorry for that. "
" Do not regret. Your behavior made me comfortable. I got the time to handle myself. "Manishi had still bowed his eyes and the eyes which were stained on the eyes, they did not allow them to be washed, what was there in the eyes? No kashak, a prick, a pity, no memory left behind ... Recognition of unintentional Mixed Doubles तो घटा है कुछ मनीषी के साथ भी? नहीं कर पाई होगी मां-बाप का विरोध, रहे हैं कुछ अनिश्‍चय? भूलने में लगा होगा व़क़्त… और अब संभल रही है… ठीक मेरी तरह…
अभिज्ञान ने मानो बेसुध में पूछा, “तो क्या तुमने भी कुछ फाउल किये हैं?”
“हां, खेल की तरह ज़िंदगी में भी फाउल होते हैं, पर सच यह भी है कि फाउल के बाद हम सम्भलते भी हैं.”
और यह पहली बार हुआ जब मनीषी ने आंखें उठाकर अभिज्ञान को भरपूर देखा.
अभिज्ञान के चेहरे पर ज़बर्दस्त बदलाव का दौर था. पहले बिजली गिरी, फिर अकबकाहट हुई, फिर सकारात्मक भाव उदित हुआ. यही कि घर में जबरन बस जानेवाली फाख़्ता से भी मोह हो जाता है, यह तो कमनीय कन्या है.

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