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Salt removes many defects, learn how to use .. -hot-gallery-hot-gallery

If the salt is low in the food then it seems tasteless. A little salt makes your food tasteful. Ever since Salt has been discovered, it has since been believed that there is an amazing power to remove negative energy. According to Vaastu science, salt communicates positive energy in the house and happiness also enhances prosperity. Learn how and where to use salt ...

- If someone is taken care of, then take a pinch of salt and toss it three times above it and throw it out. It is said by this.

- If you bathed children with a pinch of salt in water one day in a day, children will not be seen and there will be less health related problems.

- According to Vastu science, according to the mirror of glass Vastu odhas is removed by keeping salt in the cup and keeping it in the toilet. Actually, both salt and glass are the object of Rahu and remove the negative effects of Rahu.

- If the condition of Rahu, Ketu is going on, or when there are bad thoughts or fears in mind, then the mirror Put the salt in the pot and put it in any corner of the house. The positive energy will be communicated.

- According to Vastu science, using the rock salt lamp increases positive energy in the house. It enhances the harmony, happiness and prosperity among the kin, and it has been found to be effective in health matters.


Salt removes many defects, learn how to use .. -hot-gallery-hot-gallery | Salt removes many defects, learn how to use .. -hot-gallery-hot-gallery
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