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Rules for keeping Ramzan fast, Roza rakhne ke niyam, Roze kaise rakhe

Ramzan me roza rakhne ke niyam: Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which is considered very sacred and holy. Virtue and good work are done throughout this month. Allah has made the law of keeping the rajas full of Ramadan in the Quran. Roja in Ramadan is the main pillar of Islam. Keeping it is essential for every person who is mentally and physically fit.

It is meant to keep a living, that you may obtain Parvah, that is, fear of Allah. Because the person who wants to do good chooses to do good and does not do bad things because of the fear of Allah. Roses are kept in the religion of Islam to get the mercy of Allah.

Keeping Roses in Ramzan is essential for every young person and every person who is not traveling. Women should not be allowed during menstrual periods during blood discharge and after postpartum blood discharge. It is not compulsory for a divgnant woman to keep her fast. Ramadan is considered a month in Islam religion, therefore those who are fasting at this time have to obey many rules. Here we are talking about the rules which should be followed during Ramadan. So that your fast should be accepted from Allah.

The sun before the rising of the sun (the beginning of the fasting):

Rosa starts with this. In Islam religion, it is said that if you keep a meal without eating anything in the city, then your fast is not valid. There are many benefits to eating cigarettes. The correct time of the city is the last half an hour before the day of gaining. It can also be cured at the time of Azar. The prayer of fasting while reading the poison is also read. Dates are very important in this. Therefore, eat dates in the city.

Iftar (Roza opened) with hiding day:  Ahmedabad Ihsan Sahari's Time

The fasting of Ramadan is opened at this time. According to the religion of Islam, it should be done after hiding day in the evening after the day-long fasting day. At the time of Iftar, you can eat things you like. The right time to do it is after hiding the day in the evening. Dinner dates are also very important in Iftar. Because roja is opened only with dates, so eat the dates in Iftar.

If you eat some food then?

If someone accidentally drinks something, then there is no need to worry. Because this will not ruin your fast. If this has happened, then no matter what you do, you can continue on daily basis. But if you take some food during the meal, you will be denied.

Upon the vomit:

If you are getting vomiting due to rosace. So do not have to worry. Your Rosa is valid. But if you are doing all this, then your fast will be invalid.

For bathing:

During the ritual, there is a complete allowance for bathing. If there is excessive temperature, or if there is excessive thirst, then those who are fasting can take baths.

Become immersed:

If a person makes a special meal during his fasting, then he has to fast for 60 days. Because Mian Bibi's mingling is not considered to be correct in Ramadan. If someone does this mistake and is not able to keep it for 60 days then you should feed the 60 poor people. It is called Kaffarah.

Do not keep rituals at the time of menstruation:

If a woman is fasting and her menstruation begins, Rosa becomes invalid. Because the rajas kept in Ramadan are considered as pakas and it contaminates you. Therefore, women should not be allowed to live in this time. Then whether it is after the serial or before iftar You can keep Rosa on this day later.

To taste food:

If you have been making something for the family and you want to taste it then it tastes but its taste does not go under the scalp. needed. Because you only have to check the quantity of salt and spices in the food. Wash your face immediately after tasting.

Kissing or touching Bibi:  In the condition of the disease, Humbhistar

In the month of Ramadan, Islam Mian Bibi kissing and any kind of sexual activity Not allowed to do This time it is considered a crime to do this. So do not do this at this time.

Condition of illness:

If no person is right or his health is not correct, then he does not need to fast. Because of not being physically fit, having a fasting can weaken you. Therefore, take special care of this.


If any Mian Bibi wants to be confused with one another at night and does not take the morning, then you are lost. In this way, the rosa will not be valid. Therefore, after making love, take a ride once before the evening. [1965928] Read also Muslim Nikah Date 2018, Happy Birthday of Muslim marriage 2018

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Rules for keeping Ramzan fast, Roza rakhne ke niyam, Roze kaise rakhe | Rules for keeping Ramzan fast, Roza rakhne ke niyam, Roze kaise rakhe
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