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Natural Remedies for Soft and Handful

Their regular care is very important for handsome hands. Let us tell you the home remedies for home care.

Egg-glycerin hand lotion
Ingredients: 1 tbspn glycerin, 1 egg yellow part,
2 tablespoon olive oil or powdered almonds, 1 tablespoon rose water.
Method: Mix all ingredients together to divpare fine paste. Apply it 3-4 times a week on hands. You will notice the difference Butter-honey cream
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon honey, 3 tablespoon butter, 1 table spoon rose water.
Method: Mix these three well and apply them on the hands and massage. It will take some time to become amazed, but it does not make the skin soft, but also makes skin glow.

Almond Hand Cream
Ingredients: 2 tsp almond oil, 1 tsp honey.
Law: Almond Mix honey in oil and massage the hands in the night. Then sleep by wearing an old cotton gloves. Wash hands with lukewarm soap water in the morning. The hands will become soft.

So that the hand is beautiful ...
When you are free, you can make them beautiful by taking care of your hands in the moments of those furts. In the holidays or free time, when you know that no one will bother you for 2-3 hours, no work will be done and no necessary phone calls will be available, so keep your hands in mind.
* Play slow music in the room and take these things - 1 pair of nudes, two medium-sized bowls and 1 plastic bowl, 1 fresh lemon, 1 boiled potato, almond oil, oat powder, sugar and coconut oil.
* Cotton Socks Wear it in cold water and wear it in both hands. Open the socks after 10-20 minutes and wash hands.
* Now take 2-3 glasses of water in the plastic bowl and mix 2-3 teaspoon lemon juice. Take a few minutes after dipping hands.
* Insert 2-3 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp sugar and 1 tsp oat powder in a small bowl. Mix well and put it on the hands and scrub the rounds. Press the fingers and massage. Dead cells will go away. If you want, clean the nails and the cuticles from the manicure tools.

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Natural Remedies for Soft and Handful | Natural Remedies for Soft and Handful
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