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More Side Effects Of Consuming Too Much Salt

How much salt is necessary? [1 9659002] One gram of salt per day is enough for Adult and children need less salt than that. But according to research we eat 8.1 grams of salt daily, which is much more than our body needs. Our habit of eating more salt leads us to the risk zone of many diseases.

Side effects of salt
Salt consumption is essential for our health, but excessive use of salt is due to many diseases.
Blood Pressure: Although there are many other reasons for high blood divssure, such as unbalanced lifestyle, obesity, not exercise, wrong eating habits. But excessive salt intake is also responsible for high blood divssure.

Nerves are also damaged: Nerves are also damaged by excessive salt intake. Increasing uric acid levels increases with salt, which increases the pain in joints and nerves. Not only this, the increase of uric acid increases albumin in urine. According to the report printed in the American Heart Journal, the more sodium consumed, the more likely it is to increase uric acid and albumin.

Asthma: Asthma is a common problem. One out of every 11 children and one of the 12 adults is suffering from asthma. Although much salt is not the cause of asthma, but research has proven that excessive salt intake increases asthma problems. If the patients of asthma reduce their intake of salt, they will definitely get relief.

Diabetes: In the last few years, the number of diabetes patients has increased rapidly. Salt consumption can increase the risk of diabetes by increasing blood divssure. Those who have diabetes can reduce the amount of salt in the food and keep the blood divssure in the healthy range, which can also reduce the risk of diabetes.

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Danger also for Hart: Heart Experts always advise that reduce the amount of salt in the food for a healthy heart. Research done in the United States has shown that those who eat more than usual daily, they have a direct effect on their age and they start having heart problems, according to research, blood divssure increases due to high salt intake. , Which increases the risk of heart attack by 200 percent.

Stroke: Blood divssure is the biggest risk factor for brain stroke and salt intake increases the risk of blood divssure. In this way salt intake is indirectly responsible for stroke. If the risk of stroke is avoided, then reduce the salt intake along with exercise and healthy eating habit.

Osteoporosis: Salt and high blood divssure are deeply related and high blood divssure is high in calcium with urine Which increases the risk of osteoporosis. The proper amount of calcium and vitamin D is important to avoid osteoporosis. Calcium loss is caused very quickly by eating more salt, which results in bone related problems.

Coronary Heart Disease: High blood divssure is the biggest risk factor for coronary heart disease. Since blood divssure increases with salt, the risk of coronary heart disease increases. That is, by reducing the intake of salt you can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Stomach cancer: Increasing salt intake increases the risk of colon cancer. H pylori is the main risk factor of stomach cancer. This increases inflammation in the stomach, which increases the risk of ulcers and cancer. The divsence of H pylori in the stomach does not harm the stomach, but excessive consumption of salt can increase the bacterial growth, thereby increasing the risk of cancer. If you want to avoid stomach cancer, avoid other risk factors besides salt.

Water retention: Water retention also results in more salt intake. If you are feeling bloating, just reduce salt intake. You will begin to feel light-on immediately. Not only that, due to low water retention, your weight will also start decreasing.

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