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Kewar girl or married woman should never work after sunset-hot-gallery
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Vaastu has great importance in our lives. Whether we are living in the 21st century today, we can not deny Vaastu. Even today, small rules of Vastu are of great importance in our lives. Take hair for an example. Today mother does not allow her daughters to comb hair in the night, nor allow them to open. Similarly, in our Indian society of taking hair, there are many blind beliefs, let us go.

Do not comb into hair after sunset - It is said that after sunset, evil spirits come out, and Those girls who have long and beautiful hair, they make their divy.

Do not leave the hair open - the hair should not be left open at night. After sunset girls should make a peak or make them connected. It is considered bad for the family members.

Throwing the broken hair carefully - after opening and shaving the hair, always throw the hair at the right place, otherwise if the hair starts looking at the wrong person, then its Wrong use, that is, may be used for witchcraft.

Kumbhi in the hair on the full moon - it was believed that the whole moon is the night that if the hair is tied on the window, then you are bad Tmaon are calling.

menstrual Wash hair not during - periods that should not wash your hair during menstruation as it is, she might go mad. It is also believed that if the hair is washed during the menstrual period, then your blood loss will be high and you may get sick.

The fall of the comb - If you have a comb, it is believed It goes, that you will soon get some bad news. It is believed that the hair does not throw the hair around the house after the hair is flown, it increases the quarrel between the family members in the house.