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Internet has been the subject of a short life ... (Internet Has Taken Over Our Lives)

Not knowing how many moments had passed with the lightning we used to ... We did not know how many times we had spent talking only in talk of unfriendlyness ... We did not know how many such dawns, We were in the sleeves of the arms ... but now we do not have those nights, we do not have them in the morning, nor are they the stars, or the things that are ... because now, where is the first time, now that first love march ...-hot-gallery

19659003] We all have the same situation nowadays [196] Neither Furset ... Because the speed that life has caught it is no longer possible to slow it down . Between this speed which ever - occasionally used to get momentarily they have also lost because in our hands [19659003] There is always one thing in our room and on our dining table with us which is called the Internet . Of course The Internet is no less than a boon . Nowadays, all of our work is done by this where it stops It seems as if the breath stopped. Ever needed to send an email and then have to update a status or picture on a social site ... In this case the Internet is only [19659003] Which brings us to the floor . But today this Internet is snatching us from our personal moments Removing our moments from leisure is us away is affecting our relationships . How are you snatching Fürst's moment ?

How are you snatching Fürst's moment?

- Whether the office or school - College , used to be the first time after its shift ended between those with ones .

- What was the day of today Who said what what was debated with ... We shared all the things like at home [19659003] whereby our stress was released .

- But now it's time to talk to people or spend time with them, it takes us the West of Time . We take our mobile or laptop as soon as possible to see what's going on in the digital world .

- No one has become more popular than us [19659003] Someone's picture has not received much comments or lyrics from our movie ...

- And if it happens then we come to the competition . We get involved in the trick and then do some such bang by which people follow us in this digital world and follow .

- Even though our personal relationships Why do not we go away We do not pay much attention to fixing them as much as the digital world's relation on the relationship .

Offline has been outdated

- Nowadays we have won more at online mode Offline mode such as Outdated - has been bit .

- It is true that due to the Internet, we were able to get involved with social sites and through them we could reconnect with our old friends and relatives of the year but somewhere this is also true That all our relationships between our personal relationships and the festivities have been paid by all [1 9659003] .

- Hardly, you remember that the last time you sat down with your mom, tea was only here - when did you talk about it ? or your little Brother - When did you go when you were walking with a sister walking in the market ?

- Without a mobile When I was sitting on the dining table with my family members ?

- When without a laptop in the bedroom, without a laptop without checking an email, when did the same kind of mischief Was ?

- Do not miss ... How would you also come ? These are the times of Furrs who have left you to live in Sukoon .

- The fun of making a horse as a horse for his child He may now know only a generation earlier parents Because nowadays not only father Mummy is also under the burden of the Internet .

- Working time is also possible to spend time with your family and spend time with family with a restart [19659003] .

- But still they are managing somewhere As far as men are concerned The question of youth is So they are fully captured by the Internet and do not want to get out of there .

- Not only People who have no Internet connection nowadays or those who are not on social sites People are shocked at them and laugh Because they are considered outdated and boring .

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- Research explains that spending a lot of time on social sites is a kind of addiction . This addiction activates that part of the brain which is on the addiction of narcotic substances such as cocaine .

- According to a study in the University of Michigan, People who spend more time on social sites They feel more lonely and dedivssed Because the more they do online interactions the same way their face to face contact becomes less than people .

- This is the reason why stresses [1 9659003] frustration Dedivssion and irritability flourish in the overwhelming use of the internet . His sleep is also disturb . He is more tired - Tired of In such a situation, there is nowhere to be lost - . .

- Among these, selfies have become a craze nowadays whose Most of the deaths have started happening in India .

- If people go somewhere with family instead of enjoying that place, instead of enjoying the place, spending more time searching backdrops to click pictures . One - With the other, only self-care is done by clicking on selfie instead of spending quality time from which the moment of the furts also passes like a cripple and we It seems that they are not relieved even after walking around .

- Going to the movies or going to dinner So attention is paid to checks on social sites . Because of this, he is moving away from the life of Furruts .

- People also in public places - Now do not smile seeing the other Because everyone's eyes remain focused on their mobile phones . Walking on the road or in the mall ... Wherever you will also glance people will find only the sloping neck . There are also many accidents due to this .

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Internet donation: Porn sites are also not far from reach

- Nowadays porn videos can be easily viewed . Whether you are of any age . The decreasing rates of the internet have increased the demand for these sites . On children where such sites have a bad effect As soon as they come in, they bring their sex and personal life to risk . Its addiction seems like they are expecting this from their partner in real life But they do not know how these videos are made . These misinformation are given in which is not possible in personal life .

- Not only Extramarital affairs have been started online nowadays . Chatting culture is so popular that people are not hesitant to cheat their partner . Relationships are breaking down The distances are increasing .

- Some young women get entangled in the delusion of these sites in the pursuit of more money . Later they are blackmailed which is not possible for them to get out . - Many cases of internet fraud have become common now All these things clearly reveal that the internet really did


- Yogini Bharadwaj

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Internet has been the subject of a short life ... (Internet Has Taken Over Our Lives) | Internet has been the subject of a short life ... (Internet Has Taken Over Our Lives)
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