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First Affair: Enamel Wardrobe (Pahla Affair: Aainewali Almaari)

First Affair: Pahla Affair: Aainwali Almaari

First love is realized very special, to awaken the sensation of your first affair, read Romance's first affair

Today again in the afternoon Furts When he was in the dressing room, he stood in front of the cupboard. How many homes have changed, the whole furniture of the house has changed, nothing changed, so this cupboard and my love for it ... have you overcome any of the pleasant memories of your first love? Your reflection of the mirror still reflects your reflection. Within it, the first untouched sensation of love of two single hearts still beats.

Sixteen-seventeen years of age were lost in dreams. When one day, in the twilight of the twilight, I painted a picture with mysterious paintings, I was standing on the terrace, then when I heard someone's coming on the rooftop terrace looked anxiously. The besil house was empty for many days, someone had come for two to three days, but was not identified. See, a boy of 20-22 years was standing.

I do not know if there was a reason for age or nature had only indicated that the eyes were stuck on that beautiful face. The redness of the evening was over his beautiful, white face, and then his attention went towards me. I immediately bowed my eyes. Heart beats out loud Until long I was standing on the terrace, I was fascinated by feeling in the air with someone in the air.

He used to be often seen coming to school. My eyes were tilted, the arms and legs shook, the trick would have been stumbling and it smiled by the sky. My classes now started on the terrace and they got me on the terrace beforehand, looking at the door. Love from heart to heart probably seemed to add some wire. Soon there was a close relationship between the two houses and between us also. Yes, the heart's things were still limited to the eyes.

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One day all the people in the house have a relative He had gone here only after that. For the first time with him in solitude ... he asked for a book and I came into the room. That came and stood behind me. Both of us were beating down the heart so loudly that we were hearing each other's beats. Then he picked up my scarf and rubbed it on my head. I looked in the front mirror, he was smiling, like the eyes of his whole family, his love came out. How sacred, pure love affair was. Even without speaking, everything was said. As with all rights, I was involved in my life. I had declared silence in front of God that I am only his. I used to pray for a long time to see the image of both of us, that this bond remained unshaken for seven lives. The mirror became a silent witness of both the romance and the couple's image.

But 35 years ago, the stereotypes did not let our love get converted into marriage, and with broken mind, leaving the city it went like never again. [19659004] When the marriage took place, Father had asked for this cupboard only. Even today, the sweet image of love appears to be smiling in that mirror.

- Dr. Vinita Rahurikar

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First Affair: Enamel Wardrobe (Pahla Affair: Aainewali Almaari) | First Affair: Enamel Wardrobe (Pahla Affair: Aainewali Almaari)
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