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Effective Tips To Make Your Kid Smarter And Sharper
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The birth of the newborn is 100 billion neurons in the brain. After that, the child's brain develops very rapidly for the next few years. His brain produces one million neurons per second. Many things affect the brain's development, such as the environment of the house, the relationship with the members of the child's house and its experience. If the environment around the child is good, then the brain develops at a much faster rate. As a parent, you can take a few steps, so that your child's brain develops rapidly.

Do not smoke during divgnancy

It is necessary for a healthy start before the baby is born That should stay away from smoking during divgnancy. Smoking during divgnancy has a very bad effect on fetal health. Harmful chemicals divsent in cigarette smoke can cause great harm to the infant's brain in the womb. When a woman smokes during divgnancy, the toxic substances divsent in the cigarette are found in the blood, which is the only source of oxygen and nutrients for the baby. According to a study in 2015, smoking during divgnancy has a negative effect on the development of the fetal brain. Children of such mothers have problems like learning disorders, behavioral problems and relatively low IQ.

Breastfeed the baby

Mother's milk is very important for newborn babies. It helps in speeding up their brains while increasing their immune system. Fat and cholesterol found in mother's milk play an important role in the development of infant's brain. According to a report printed in Pediatric Research in 2010, mothers who breast-feed their children, have more cognitive levels (related to understanding process). According to a study published in the Journal of Paediatrics in the year 2016, the babies who were born divmaturely, breastfeeding for the first 28 days, their condition, IQ level and motor function were better than those who did not drink milk of mother. That is, now you know another advantage of breastfeeding. Only a few weeks of breastfeeding develops faster in the child's intelligence and its motor skills.

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Put a habit of listening to music

As soon as possible, put a habit of listening to music in the child, which makes his brain grow rapidly. Music helps improve intellectual health. Listening to music releases the hormones called dopamine, which increases the will to learn. Music helps to make learning fun, so that the child learns something faster. Learning music at a young age also results in significant changes in the development of the child's brain. According to a study published in the year 2006, there is a deep connection between musical training and brain development. Studies have found that children who take music lessons from a young age, their brain develops faster than other children. According to another study published in the Journal of Neuroscience in 2013, music education to children before the age of 7 helps in developing their brain. Children who start learning music at an early age have a better connection between left and right side brain.

Keep the TV time controlled

Whether you are so busy, it is more of a child's TV or mobile phone Do not let the excuse to watch happen. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children younger than two years should not watch TV at all. Even older children should not see more than two hours of TV or smartphone. Watching more TVs has a bearing on their studies, they also get less time for creative sports, as well as obesity, violent behavior, sleep and behavioral problems. Not only that, due to watching TV, there is less talk between the child and the parent, which can obstruct the overall development of the child. As a parent, it is important for you to spend time with the child, not to watch TV or mobile phone.

Read the child

The child is used to reading books at an early age. Enter To do this, read something or something from the beginning. Before going to bed, read some funny books and read the child. Although small children do not understand all the words, they have the knowledge that information is received from books, magazines or newspapers. This increases his interest in books. According to a study printed in 2015, reading books to children strengthens their hold on language and literature.

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Exercise is important

Whether it is a child or an adult, exercise is important for everyone, even for young babies. In fact, exercising on a regular basis has a positive effect on the mental development of the child. With this, training and learning ability are fast and the risk of mental impairedness and dementia is decreased at an early age. By exercising, oxygen and blood circulation are better in the brain, so that the nerve functioning is better and the child has complete physical and mental development. According to a 2008 study published in Educational Psychology, Systematic Exercise Programs help in the development of special types of mentor processing, which helps the child to perform better in studies and other challenges. According to another study published in the year 2010, children who are physically healthy, their hippocampus (the part of the brain that controls the condition, emission and motivation) is larger and they are compared to other children in the memory test.

Feed the child for healthy food

Children should have a habit of eating healthy meals since childhood. Nourishing food for the growing child is essential not only for their physical development but also for mental development. Put a habit of feeding them spinach, oatmeal, dark chocolate, oranges, watermelons etc. Keep away from junk foods, processed foods, fast foods and cold drinks. Such foods do not provide nutrients to the child and also bring harm to its health. Simultaneously encourage the child to eat with his hands, this is his motor skill development. The child has a hand-eye coordination development and he begins to understand the texture of food. Whatever happens, do not take the habit of eating food while watching the TV on TV.

Buy Creative Toys

There are countless toys available in the market, but use the habit of playing Creative Toys for the better mental development of the child. Playing with the right toy improves language, communication and social skills. Keep in mind that toys should not be too expensive. Toys should be simple and safe and it should give the child's imagination a chance to grow. One thing to note is that the toy should be so that the hand should also be engaged while playing.

Spend time with the child

The last, but for the mental development of the most important child, it is very important to spend enough time with him. is. Speech development starts with birth. While breastfeeding the mother should talk to the child or sing it after singing it. If you go out, point your fingers towards things and tell their names. Talk to him while feeding him while feeding him while feeding. If the child tries to point or say something, then listen carefully to him. Massage her body to reduce the child's stress and to realize her safety.

- Murat Gupta

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