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Due to indigestion problem in children, due to indigestion of children
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A mother always wants to take good care of her child well, for which she takes full care of all from her eating habits, her upbringing. But sometimes there is a problem with small children. As if many times the child is crying more often, sometimes getting irritable, sometimes stubborn, then there is a problem of vomiting diarrhea. Many such times also cause problems of indigestion.

The biggest reason for indigestion is the well-being of the child who has eaten. Because of which the baby has this problem, there is not only this but there are many other reasons which can cause the baby to be indigestible. For example, oily meal of the child, more food than chewing food, etc. Let us now tell you in detail that due to indigestion in children and some of its measures.

  • Children can have this problem because of the well-developed digestive system.

  • Children who eat They do not consume them by chewing them properly and they have trouble with indigestion.

  • Diet can be indigestible even by consuming more chilli.

  • Even eating out excess cold drinks or oil meal Indigestion may be problem.

  • Children who are overweight may also have to face this problem.

  • Children may also have this problem due to lack of sleep.

  • Stress Due to being a child, there may be a problem of indigestion.

  • If children come in contact with smoke directly then they may also have problems of indigestion.

The easiest way to remove the indigestion of children is to give your child a grewer water. You can easily get it from the market, but if you want to make it at home you can make it. To make this, you add chambily, ginger and saffl in water and boil well, and give it to the child two to three times a day after cooling.

Use this remedy for you children above a year Because honey is not useful for the newborn. For this, you add a spoonful of cinnamon powder to two teaspoon honey, and after doing it a little bit after it, it also helps the children to overcome the problem of indigestion.

In a glass of milk, pinch of cinnamon Pour the powder, and half a teaspoon of honey and boil it well, then after feeding this milk to the lukewarm, feed your baby. Regularly do this until the child is rested, this will benefit the child.

If you massage the baby's stomach with fennel oil or coconut oil, then the child feels relaxed , And the belly feels lightweight. This helps the child overcome the problem of indigestion. But keep in mind that do not divss the baby's belly more quickly.

If your child only drinks mother's milk and she is indigested The problem has happened. So pay special attention to the fact that whenever you give milk to the baby, then you must get rid of it. Because it helps in digesting its milk well, sometimes while milking, the children also removes light milk, so you do not even need to worry.

If children have a problem of indigestion, A light, fresh, and comfortable digestive diet should be given. For this, you can feed the child by making lentil water, or very thin khichdi etc., or you can also drink soup. But note, do not add more chilli in anything, it will give comfort to the baby's stomach.

Yoghurt is cold, in order to avoid the problem of indigestion and to eliminate the heat of stomach, Can also feed, add light pepper powder and salt to enhance the flavor. Do not curd children at night, doing this helps to protect the infant from indigestion.

If your child is crying too much and does not eat anything, then in this case you should meet the doctor immediately. In order to solve the problem of the child. Also, do not be forced to force feeding the child.

  • Children should not eat more chillies.

  • Food Children should not be too sweet, oiled, and cold drink etc.

  • Children should not be allowed to smoke or smoke in the kitchen.

  • Children should pay a lot of attention to sleep.

  • Children To It should not be too intimidating or disturbing, because of which they take the stress which can cause discomfort to indigestion.

  • While feeding, the child should sit comfortably at one place.

  • The child is stale, cold, or Nirmala food should not be eaten.

  • Should not be forced to cooperate with children at the time of accounting.

If you want children to have this problem, keep in mind the reasons given above. At the same time, if your child has ever had this problem, then you can use any tips to avoid it, this gives the child comfort, and if the child is troubling too, then you will have a doctor once. It can also take opinions from you.

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Due to indigestion problem in children, due to indigestion of children | Timesok.com Due to indigestion problem in children, due to indigestion of children
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