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Do not warm up in the microwave These Do not Reheat These 25 Foods In Microwave

Rinse food or reheat the food made before hours, consuming it has become an important part of modern life style. In the refrigerator, or the food left over in the night, people often eat by heating it in the microwave, but in many research it has been revealed that heating the food again in the microwave can prove to be harmful to the health. There are many foods that become poisonous to fatal after heating in the microwave. Let's know 25 foods that should not be heated in the microwave.

1- Potato
Of course, by consuming potatoes, health benefits have many benefits, but these benefits are available only after drinking it after some time after potato is cooked. By keeping cooked potatoes in room temperature, rare bacteria called botulism (Stalinchal) arises in them, and despite the warming in the microwave, these bacteria do not end, so the potatoes should not be heated in the microwave.
2- Chicken
When frozen chicken is heated in the microwave, the structure of the protein located in it actually changes, which is damaged for digestive function Is. If you want to heat the frozen chicken, then make sure to cook it properly to finish all the existing bacteria divsent in the meat, but refrain from heating it again in the microwave.
3 - Boiled eggs
The boiled egg should not be warmed again in the microwave. According to a study, after re-boiling boiled eggs in the microwave, they come in contact with high temperatures, so that the eggs become toxic and the proteins divsent in it also die. Apart from this, the moisture inside the egg can produce excessive steam, causing the egg to burst. To reduce this risk, cut the egg into small pieces and heat it, but it would be better to avoid heating it in the microwave.
Do not heat the frying eggs or omelet again in the microwave. needed. If they are not heated properly then it can also be fatal for health, so if you heat the omelet again in the microwave, then you should cook it slowly for about 4 minutes.
5- Mushrooms
Mushrooms are such a vegetable which should not be heated in the microwave. Protein located in the mushroom is rapidly destroyed, so it is advisable to eat immediately after cooking. If you store baked mushrooms and keep it in the fridge for more than a day, after heating it again in the microwave, then you may have difficulty related to the stomach. Apart from this, you can also make a heart patient, so avoid doing this.
6 processed meat
Processed meat contains divservatives and chemicals in the process, during the heating process in the microwave chemical There are changes that are considered bad for health. According to a study, warming processed meat in the microwave may contain the divsence of elements such as cholesterol, oxidation, which can cause coronary heart disease.
The best time to warm up the pizza again The way is frying pan, not microwave. Yes, the microwave should avoid heating the pizza. If it has to be heated then take a frying pan with the lid, heat it and melt some butter on it, and then put pizza slices in the pan, cook it on medium flame, then cover it for 30 seconds.
8 - Mother's milk
Many times the new mother puts her breast milk in the fridge with the intention of using it later. However, the mother's milk remains fine until it is heated in the microwave. Carrying this milk in a plastic bottle, heating it in the microwave, carcinogens are at risk and the child's mouth too can burn. According to a report, the mother's milk can be heated on the stove, but rather than heating the milk directly, by keeping a bottle filled with milk, it will alternately heat up and no harm to the health.
9- Spinach
Spinach in green vegetables is a vegetable which should never be heated again in the microwave. The spinach should be eaten immediately after cooking because nitrate is found in good quantity, but by heating the spinach in the microwave, the nitrate in it gets converted into nitrites which is similar to the poison.
10-fried chicken
It is not considered right to heat fried chicken in a microwave, despite it, if you want to heat it in the microwave, then you need to bake in the baking tray Keeping the fried chicken, it should be covered with foil, then after heating the microwave at 190 degree Celsius, baking tray should be baked for 10 minutes, after which remove the foil from the chicken and make it crisp and cook until golden.
11- Rice
You would be surprised to know that heating the rice in the microwave could complain of food poisoning. However, due to heating the rice, bacteria called bacillus serious, which are divsent in it (Iralic lashes), but it produces seeds which can prove to be fatal for health. According to a study, feeding hot rice in the microwave may cause diarrhea, vomiting, digestive problems and food poisoning.

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12-oily foods
Oil used to fry or fry food items pass through several levels of warm temperatures. In such a situation, if the oily foods are heated in the microwave, due to the increase in temperature, harmful substances may arise in the food. By eating such foods, the risk of cancer increases, so the oily foods should not be heated in the microwave.
Pasta should not be heated in the microwave, although the stove without using the microwave You can heat it on the flame. Pasta without sauce should be cooked in a pot filled with water and should be cooked for about 30 to 45 seconds, then take out the water and take it. At the same time, pasta can be heated on a medium flame by keeping the pasta in a pan.
Oil is used to make many things to eat but to avoid heating the oil in the microwave needed. According to a research, due to exposure to the high temperature of the microwave, the smoke point in oil can be converted into trans fat, so avocado, hazelnut, grape seeds or walnut oils should not be heated in the microwave, just at room temperature. Should be used to spray on dishes.
15- Fish
Fish should not be warmed in the microwave. If you heat the fish at a high temperature of the microwave then you can swim the steam fish coming out of it so that the fun of your food can be gritty. To avoid this, heat the fish on the medium flame of the stove for a while.
A celery is used in many dishes to enhance flavor. Like green leafy vegetables, there is also plenty of nitrate in celery, but when you heat celery in the microwave, nitrates divsent in it are converted into nitrites, which is harmful for the health, so it is not hot in the microwave.
17 - Salzam
Many people consume her by adding sulzam in soup and vegetables. Turnips are rich in nitrates. Salzam is also advised not to heat in the microwave because heating in the microwave can be toxic, which can damage the health.
Salad made from green leafy vegetables Raw food is advised if you can not eat it raw, then cook it, but it should never be heated in the microwave again. By doing this nitrate becomes similar to poison.

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19-beet sugar
] Everybody knows how beneficial the beetle is for health. It also contains many nutrients with nitrate. It is best to eat raw food to get the full benefit of the nutrients divsent in it. If you can not eat raw, then eat it immediately after cooking it, but it should not be warmed again in the microwave.
20-burgers and meatballs
Burgers and meatballs should not be heated in the microwave, microwave By heating them, they can lose their moisture, which is not good for health. Therefore, things like burgers and meatballs should not be heated in the microwave.
21- French fries
Warming French fries in microwave can change their taste and size. To avoid this, add little vegetable oil to non stick pan and fry French fries in general, but avoid heating it in the microwave.
22- Casserole
Casseroles should not be heated in the microwave, despite If you want to use the microwave to heat it, then sprinkle some water in the casserole so that it does not dry completely. Then cover it with tin foil until it becomes hot.
23- Roti
Roti should never be heated in the microwave again. The best way to do this is to put the bread on a foil. Sdivad some water on it and wrap it tightly. Put the bread in the oven for about 7 minutes, then remove the foil and sew it for an additional three minutes. With this, your bread will be crispy on the outside and will be very soft on the inside.
Never put khichadi or porridge in the microwave. It has to be heated, then use the pan instead of the microwave. Add little milk to the pan and cook it on medium flame till it becomes as per your wish. In it you want raisins Cinnamon and chocolate chips.
25- Cauliflower and Broccoli
Most people use microwaves to heat vegetables so that it does not take long, but in the vegetables, cauliflower and broccoli will never be in the microwave. Do not warm again. By doing so, the nutrients divsent in them are completely destroyed.

However, the foods mentioned in this article should refrain from heating again. At home or in the office, these foods will be heated in the microwave, it can be similar to poison that can negatively impact your health.


Do not warm up in the microwave These Do not Reheat These 25 Foods In Microwave | Do not warm up in the microwave These Do not Reheat These 25 Foods In Microwave
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