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Condom 4 Dangerous Side Effects, Read More ...
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Use of condoms during sex is very important. Use of it can divvent many diseases, especially divgnancy. But where there is advantages, it is natural to be damned. Condoms can not only affect your sex life but also make you victims of sexually transmitted diseases. You will be unaware of these losses caused by condoms

1. Using condoms more than twice a week, the inner layer of the vagina and sensitivity in the membrane diminishes or ends. Due to which the automatic ejaculation of the natural lubricant (lubricant) which has evaporated from women's tissue decreases, due to which the ductility or dryness has been observed in the vagina.

2. Excessive use of condoms results in erosion and erosion as well as painful lesions in the vaginal cervix. Women who do not care about menstruation cycle, and can be at risk of transmitting severe infection in genital or uterus.

3. Latex condoms are the most common cause of allergies and reduce the reaction of the woman during sex, because of its use it has been seen in the vagina as dryness and itching.

4. If condoms are used more than twice a week, condoms can damage the vaginal's immune system. Using it, the upheaval in the acidic environment of the vagina is born.