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Causes of hair stiffness and treatment, treatment of hair stupidity

To look beautiful, only the beauty of your face does not matter. Rather, it is important for your hair to be attractive too. Shiny, soft, and silky hair give your personality even more. But to keep anything beautiful, you need to take good care of her. But if you do not do this then you may have to face problems due to this. If you do not take good care of such a hair many times you may have to face the disrespect of hair.

Due to the hairy stereotype, there may also be problems in dandruff and itching etc. in the head. The biggest reason for hair becoming stale is that you do not nourish it well, just like water is needed to flower on the plant, in the same way, massage must be done from oil to nourish hair. Apart from this, there are many other reasons why you may have to face the problem of hair stereotyping, let's now know in detail what is the reason for the hairiness and how it is treated.

  • Regular hair Washing hair starts to become rude.

  • If you do not massage well in your hair, and always keep your hair dry, then this problem can also be caused by this.

  • Do not touch the hair for longer This can also be due to the divsence of soil particles due to hair.

  • This problem can be caused even by using more chemicals in the hair.

  • This problem can also be caused due to the use of electrical equipment.

  • Hair due to bad effects of sunlight by keeping the hair open all the time also causes hair to become stale.

  • Hair washing with hot water also results in hair becoming stale.

  • Wet hair comb To do There is also stiffness in the hair due to this.

Aloe Vera is not only used to remove hair problems, Can also do for beauty. To use it, you can break the aloe vera leaf, separate the inside part and grind it well, and place it in the lower part of your hair properly. Wash your hair after shampoo after one hour and do it for a few days in a couple of weeks.

Using lemon juice also helps you to remove hair stereotypes. For this, you take a lemon juice and add some water to it, and after that put it well in your hair like oil. And wash the head after an hour, do this remedy three times a week. You will see its effect in your hair.

Beer also helps you to make your hair silky, so that whenever you wash your hair. After that, hang your hair down and add two cups of water to the half cup beer and put it well in your hair, and after remaining five minutes wash hair with water. This will also help you overcome the stereotype of your hair. Or you can also use beer shampoo which is available in the market.

Eggs are also very beneficial for shining hair and making them naturally soft. For this, take one or two eggs according to your hair and make them fat well, then make a good mask and apply it in your entire hair. Cover the hair and cover the shower cap. Wash the hair after half an hour and it will show its effect at the same time in your hair. Even once a week, this remedy will help to remove the stigma of your hair.

To nourish the hair properly it is necessary that you must massage your hair. To do this, put oil in your hair well on the day before you wash your head. This will nourish your hair better. And if you do this regularly, it keeps your hair naturally bright and soft with nutrition.

Curd is also an easy and good remedy to remove hair loss. For this, add a pinch of alum and a half spoon turmeric in a bowl of yogurt and mix it well. Then put this paste in your hair properly and leave for half an hour. After that, wash your hair properly with the help of shampoo. Make this remedy twice a week, it will help you to overcome the stubbornness of your hair.

Honey is also very beneficial to make hair silky and shiny. To use it, mix two teaspoons of honey in two cups of hot water and mix it well. After it lukewarm, apply it well in your hair and leave it for half an hour in the hair. And after that wash your hair, you benefit from doing this remedy twice a week for a few days.

Raw milk And the use of gram flouries you have done so many times to increase the beauty of your face. But you can make your hair even silky for this, for that you divpare two or three spoonful of gram flour in a bowl of raw milk, then divpare a thin paste, then apply it well in your entire hair, and after half an hour your hair Wash well. After this week, doing this remedy will help to soften your hair.

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Cover the hair while going out too.

  • For more hair care Do not use.

  • Wash the hair in two or three days instead of washing regularly.

  • Do not comb into wet hair.

  • Do not use excessive electrical equipment on hair.

  • Hair To max Do not let the drought dry till you massage the hair using any good hair oil.

  • Your hair gets nourished by taking a balanced diet.

  • Wash your hair with a lassi This also makes your hair soft

  • Use good and herbal shampoo for hair.

Because of the reasons given above, you may have to face the problem of baroosity. That is why you should take care of your hair properly and to overcome the stereotypes of hair, you should get rid of this problem by using the tips given above. And make your hair beautiful and shiny.


Causes of hair stiffness and treatment, treatment of hair stupidity | Causes of hair stiffness and treatment, treatment of hair stupidity
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