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5 Myths and Facts Related to Oral Sex
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5 Myths and Facts associated with oral sex

Myth 1: Does the oral virgin do not live?

Fact: People feel as soon as they hear the name of sex, do anything related to sex Virginity will go, while that is not so. Virginity goes when your sexual organs meet each other. In other words, physical dentistry is essential for virginity. Expert says that this will not make you virginity, but of course you can lose emotional virginity.

Myth 2: Oral sex is always non-existent.

Fact: Hygiene depends on the individual. If you and your partner take care of cleanliness, then you do not have to think about it. This problem comes up there, where there are more than one partner. Experts say that keep your private parts always clean. Clean your private parts before and after oral sex. Take a shower when you return home in the evening. Your freshenes will also keep your relationship fresh.

Myth 3: Oral sex never gets oral sex.

Fact: Oral sex is like a foreplay, but there is a whole possibility that partners get organisms. . Especially the chances of women's organisms are higher in this. So do not think that you will be deprived of it, so there is no benefit to doing this.

Myth 4: Sexually Transmitted Diseases are not a Chance of Oral Sex.

Fact: Not at all Because, during oral sex, each other has body fluid exchanges, which can cause infection. According to experts, it is more likely to be infections, so it is important to take a divconcession. The worst thing is that, these infections show up on your face that is, oral injections.

Myth 5: No need for condom in oral sex.

Fact: It is very surprising that lots of flavored condoms have come in the market, even though its people know about it. Experts say that most women are hesitant about condom flavored lubricants that their lubricants may be harmful for their health. While they should understand what is meant for security in oral sex, what can be the problem in it.

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5 Myths and Facts Related to Oral Sex | Timesok.com 5 Myths and Facts Related to Oral Sex
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