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1. Shed cards are available for selection of lipstick but the color and lipstick in the shade cards can vary in color . Use of lipstick testers in such a way would be helpful in making the right choice .

2. When choosing lipstick, also keep in mind that the shade of lipstick you use does not necessarily suit you at night .

3. Matte finish in the day and at night High gloss Finishli lipstick looks good . Dark colors look good in light and night in the day .

4. Complete the make-up before starting lip makeup . After this, remove the frozen dry skin layer on the lips from the petroleum jelly . After that lighten - Take Lip Balm .

5. Apply Now to Provide Perfect Base to Lips .

6. Then place lip liner on lips . Lip liner should always be placed in the shape of the lips in mind If your lips are thick then lip liner should be placed inside the lips and lips are thin then lip liner lips Turn Off .

7. Apply lipstick after applying lip liner . There should not be much difference in the color of lip liner and lipstick should be . A shade can be light or dark .

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8 Lipstick after applying it slowly - Blind slowly After applying the first coat of lipstick, press the tissue paper between the lips Lipstick does not spread from . After that put a second coat of lipstick and touch the final .

9. If Glossy wants to look then apply lip gloss after applying lipstick .

10. Choose the lipstick's shade keeping the shape of the lips in mind . If your lips are thick then add dark lipstick . Light shades seem lip and fat while dark shades make lips look thinner .

11. If Your Compliance is Fair then Light Shades and Daskie Complimentation Dark Shades like - Red Plum or Dark Select Lipstick of Brown Shades .

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