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Keeping long nails is the choice of every girl, because nails not only have a positive effect on their personality but also enhances the beauty of their hands. Apart from this, the nail paint on them also gives nails a new glow. But many times happens when suddenly one has to go out for a meeting. In such a way it is necessary to give yourself a perfect look from head to toe. But in this situation, half of your nails and nail paint can spoil the entire look. And tension happens when you come to know that the Nail Remover is also over.

What to do in this? Because the Nail Remover is over and it is not possible to go to the meeting by putting that incomplete nail paint! Hey Hey ! There is no need to be disturbed, because today we are going to tell you some simple tips, with whose help the nail paint can be redeemed even without a nail paint remover.

Ways to remove the nail paint without removing the nail remover: -

1. Toothpaste:

Apply a little toothpaste on the fingernails of Nail paint with the help of an old toothbrush (which nobody uses). After a while, clean it. Do it with all the nails. Nail paint will be cleaned automatically. In fact, the toothpaste is found in ethylicates, which is also present in the nail polish remover. Therefore toothpaste can also be used to remove nail polish.

2. Deodent:

To use this remedy, you spray a little deodorant on your nails. And rub it with cotton. Yes, it may take a bit more effort and time but the Nail Paint will be cleaned.

3. Hair Spray:

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Perhaps you do not know, but hair spray used to improve your hair can also help you remove nail paint. For this, put a little hair spray on the nails and immediately clean it with cotton. Keep in mind, if you are too late to remove cotton, then the cotton will stick to the nails.

4. Perfume:

Nail paint can also be removed by using perfume as well as deodorant. Because it contains chemicals found in Nail Paint Remover. For this, spray a little perfume on tissue paper and rub the tissue paper on your fingernails. Nail paint will be cleaned.

5. Hand sanitizer:

It is a bit awkward to hear, but this remedy is really effective, with the help of nails, the nail paint can be easily redeemed. For this, put hand sanitizer in a little cotton. Rubbing cotton and rub on the nails until the nail paint completely disappears.

6. Top Coat:

You can also use Nail Paint or Transparent Nail paint to remove the nail paint. Apply top coat or transparent nail paint on your fingernails and remove it immediately with the help of cotton. If such a coat is wet, otherwise there will be trouble in removing the nail paint. Nail paint will be cleansed in a few minutes with the help of this remedy.

So, these were some of the measures whose nail paint can be removed from the nail paint remover without the help of sitting in the house.



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