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This Ayurvedic recipe, kidney stones, eliminates the root, know-hot-gallery
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Nowadays people are becoming victims of many diseases due to changing routine. Of which the disease of stone is the most common. It is not so painful when not initially detected, but when it hurts, it is very intolerable. Gradually collecting minerals and salt etc. in the inner organs of the person becomes a solid coating. This solid assembly is called stone. In patients with stones, most people are disturbed by kidney stones ie kidney stones. But kidney stones can be cured easily with some natural remedies. Lemon juice therapy is also very beneficial to cure stone.

Why is it beneficial to lemon ....

Citric acid is very high in lemon juice, which is gradually increased in the form of oxylet and sodium etc. This setting of elements keeps rotating. After dissolving, the small particles of the stones continue to flow through the urine.

The method of making stone dishes ....

Making this beverage is very easy. To make it, squeeze a full lemon juice into a glass of lukewarm water. Now add one spoonful of sugar and half teaspoon olive oil to this water. Now get it mixed well It is now ready.

The method of use ....

Drink olive oil twice a day and drink whenever the thirst occurs in the rest of the day, without this oil, lemonade and sugar Take it. This will keep your body hydrated, there will be no water shortage in the body and the stone will gradually get out of the urine by gulping slowly.

If the stone is small, then gradually the release of this drink is released from the kidney and You become completely healthy, but if the stones are big, then these treatments are gradually influenced by them and the time increases and the danger increases as well. So if the size of the stone is large then you should consult with the doctor along with the home remedies.

These things kept in mind ...

The need for immediate treatment of kidney stones is as much needed Some things are avoided so that the stones do not grow and dissolve gradually. For this you should not eat seeds containing food items such as tomatoes, chillies etc. or eat too little. Besides, stones also increase due to sodium, so do not use salt and do not eat high-sodium foods such as almonds, peanuts etc. Avoiding meat, fish, spinach, beetroot, and leafy vegetables is also important.