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There was a tornado of thoughts in my mind. Sometimes Tanvi's face comes in front of the eyes, and sometimes Meeta's. Why are people dumped in the four arguments of each subject and divsented in four contexts?

I was thinking that after so many days, my beloved friend will return to my friend's house suddenly and give her a pleasant surprise, but her house The enormity of the atmosphere in the atmosphere gave way over to my enthusiasm. From lax verdicts, I also went behind him in the kitchen to make tea. Slightly crushed the lava and broke out.
"I and Sanat had been confused over this issue for a long time, 'Whether or not a child should be born or not,' because both of them are not organized in their careers yet. Have been found Now that my company has given the facility of egg freezing to women workers, then we feel relieved that let us do this work in the future. But when the mother got to know, she got angry. According to him, it is better to do every work properly. They have longed to hear the kidnapping of the child from the house. According to him, when all the responsibilities from my delivery to the upbringing of the child, when they are ready to wear, why are we depriving them of this pleasure?
They say that when they will not stay, Even the age of childbearing and parenting will not be there, then what is the right to create a baby from freezed egg? And that too, when there is only 20 or 25% of the success percentage in it. "
" The thing is their right. "I was also thinking about the whole thing.
" But we're again confused Have not come in? "
I had no solution to the problem of mita. Mata's problem completely came out of my mind in returning home after worrying about Tanvi's homework. As I entered the house, I cried, "Tanvi, today's homework?"
"English teacher gave the article on the internet."
"Hey, that's divtty easy. First, write all the benefits of the net, such as, on one click, all the information related to any subject is found in one second, saving time, collecting fifty books, and not the screws ... then the losses from internet ... children's Extremely creativity over the net, over dependence on the net ... etc-etc. "
" All that Madame had told me Mama, I have also written. "Tanvi, trying to stop my fluent speech in the middle Speak up.
"Then what is the problem?" I was surprised.

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"When did I say any problem? But there is a confusion in my mind. Whenever Madam gives a subject to write, then argue in the first side, then in the opposition and finally, after writing the epilogue, they leave it in the balance. Anyone should tell the Internet or should not? Is the Democratic system right or not? Is the curse of science or boon? "
Being a teacher, I could answer all the questions of Tanvi, but all that had already been told by her teacher under 'epilogue'. I had to divsent a divcise solution to her problem like a mother and for that I could not divsent myself completely. Tanvi had gone to his room. I began to work with kitchens diligently. In the hurry to go to school early, I often make half of the food in the night only.
Principal Madam had always given me an important responsibility by including me in today's meeting. The subject was - to start sex education in school. Some teachers have argued in the opposition in the subdued language. But since there were instructions from above, keeping the arguments in favor and ordering it to be implemented with immediate effect, this responsibility was also handed over to me as being the beloved friend and trustee of the principal Madam. There was a tornado of thoughts in my mind. Sometimes Tanvi's face comes in front of the eyes, and sometimes Meeta's. Why are people put into confusion by divsenting four arguments in each subject and four in opposition? Right here there are instructions from above, so to believe, otherwise how difficult is it to make a decision? The principal's room was ever empty,
"Tamanna, is there some trouble?" When the principal Madam called, my consciousness returned.
"Look, besides being the principal I am your friend too. You can share school trouble or personal problems with me. "
" I was thinking that this sex education really will prove to be right for children or not? Actually, before convincing children, I want to be confident myself. I do not feel comfortable putting them in dilemma. "
" Absolutely-absolutely So I tell you that approximately 30 percent of the children will be like this, which will not have any effect from this education because they have already gathered enough information about this from the internet and resources. 2 to 5 percent of children can abuse this information. They can go wrong with the information of contraceptive methods, etc. ... "
I was surprised to hear the principal of Madam. When they know that children can take advantage of this information, why are they still willing to implement it? I was completely ignorant about my mental disorder.
"But we have to implement it for the remaining 65 percent of children who are totally unaware of such knowledge for some reason. It is very important to give them this information to protect them from being misled. One thing to understand, our job is to teach only and to count its qualities and faults. We are not responsible for who or how many of them are being used or misused. "
" But it is our duty to guide Madame, which is not what she wants. "
" Tamana, how can we impose a decision or conclusion on everything? Every person's interest, temperament, circumstances vary. Any one decision can not be expected to impose a similar result on all. It is not science, psychology. Whose laboratory is overwhelming. The whole world is its laboratory. The same test here gives different people different results at different times. That's why everyone is unknowable with the same sticks. Every person will have to choose his own path according to his nature, circumstance and time. "

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listening to the principal's issues began to reduce my confusion was. My thinking was getting wider. Yes, maybe now I can answer Tanvi's questions. I can get rid of all the doubts. I know that he does not need to stop using the internet because he uses it for a limited time and for the right thing. I keep a complete watch on him. I know that Mita does not have to take advantage of the Egg freezing facility, because her mother-in-law will keep her child happy and she will not let any flame on Mita's career. I went out by giving thanks to the principal Madam.
At the time of homework, when I redressed all the doubts of Tanvi, I got excited with my throat.
"You are not my mother, true There are also guides. But Mama is afraid to choose the right path for me as much as the conscience is in me? "
" Why not, of course. Say goodbye, now on Diwali, you were insisting on taking Floralant Anarkali. You watched the witness wearing and you liked it very much. But when I took it, you refused. Why? "
" Because when I saw that suit in the trial room, it was not too much for me. I am not as long as a witness, nor so ... Just, I immediately changed my mind and took a second dress. "
" Just, that's the discretion. Just like your age
small decisions to be taken at the discretion. As you grow older, the scope of your thinking will expand, maturity will come in ideas, and you will be able to take big and important decisions for yourself easily. Choosing the right path for yourself, keep in mind that there are negative aspects along with positive aspects of most things. It is your determination that how many positive sides you take. You must have heard that Doha will have to 'fill the essence of the essence and throw it away', that is, keep the good thing of anything and blunt the little things that are hollow. "I stopped watching Tanvi thinking.
" What Happened? Then there is a problem? "
" No, not a problem, but I'm finding solutions. In the next class, we all have to choose some topic. Today the teacher was talking about all subjects and their associated careers and, as always, we left in the confusion that we now have to choose which topic you have to choose. I was upset, but now I am thinking that they were right. According to your choice and ability, then we have to take the decision. Since I like the maths, but not the science, then why do not I take the cormas again. There are also good options for careers. Tanvi was busy on the internet.
I was convinced of the future of the daughter, I was being nurtured with the capacity of her self-determination in an enchanted way.

Sangeeta Mathur

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