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Story- Poor Virgo (Short Story- Bechari Kunwari Hai)

"What are you talking about Swati-hot-gallery People are also ready to eat the rotten neck of their society, but they can not even be a good food for another society. What will People Say? What will society say? These are some of the things, the man who does not have the courage to rise up even today, even if one should not chaos and die. "The things of Prabhu had forced me to think about how the rules of society Are not those who give nothing except suffering? Social rules were made for the sake of human beings, and not because the person would die by engaging in the trap of these rules.

"Prabha ... o Prabha-hot-gallery" I shouted to Prabha from the rickshaw in the moving rickshaw. Prabhu was shocked after coming out of the house, but seeing me, she happily screamed, "Swati, you ... here? When did you come What is the matter? "

Swati asked her," Will everyone here stand on the road asking for help? "

While stopping his head, he said," Sorry, let's move to the house, sit there Will do a lot of things Just wait a minute, take some stuff from the mother's uncle's shop. "Swati walked in his hand. This was the place where I spent almost all my days in college days. That was the mother's uncle's shop, we did not know how many battles were witnessed. Everything is the same. Nothing changed here, except me During college days, I used to come to Prabha's house without taking a bath, but after the marriage, he was so busy that he has been able to come back in five years. When the responsibility of being the eldest daughter in the house came, she was lost and unsteady Swati was lost somewhere. The same memories were rehearsed as soon as I came here

"Madhu Chacha Pranam." I said laughing.

They were happy to see me, "Hey ... how many days have you come-hot-gallery Chocolate will eat? "I grew up," Yes, mother will eat uncle, but now I will have to give a chocolate and give it to my daughter. "

" Oh no bitia, your daughter is not our granddaughter, she will give two chocolates for her. True bittiya, Kaleja got cold, seeing you, you guys laugh and what we want-hot-gallery Now this Prabha would have been married, so today it would have become child-like. But no, it has vowed not to marry like-hot-gallery Every thing has an omer, when Omar passes, then there is a big problem, but it does not understand anything. Now you do not understand anything, do not do it ... "In the middle of the mother's talk, Prabha quote," Do your work, Mother Uncle, you do not need to interfere in my life-hot-gallery "

Mother Chacha He said, "Hey, what's upsetting in this? There is anxiety only by seeing a girl in a barren house. "

Prabha said in anger," My parents are still alive to worry about me, you do not have to worry. " I brought it from there, pulling it from there. I was curious about this behavior of Prabha. My Prabha was not like that. He was one of the respected elders who respected the elders. But here I was seeing any other form of Prabha-hot-gallery Prabha's mother looked at me with a pleasant surprise, "Swati ... you-hot-gallery How many days have come after daughter-hot-gallery How are you? "" Auntie, you heard what is going on nowadays. "

It was late to ask me that she started saying," What would you say, Swati, the worry of Prabha's marriage, just like Sursa's mouth It's going to increase. "

Slowly he said to me," Swati, do not look at any guy in your Lucknow-hot-gallery We lost, we were trying to get married ...-hot-gallery "

At that time Prabha came there and said," Just do mother, cry of my marriage-hot-gallery No one came and you sat down with my great wedding. "

I was surprised to see Prabha, I was troubled by her unusual behavior. I never imagined that I could see my cheerful friend like this. The face of the aunt was rousing. I said to him while handling the matter, "Aunt, I will drink that special poha of your hand today and drink tea."

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Aunt, trying to smile, said, "Yes, you sit down, I make a poha."

As soon as I went to Aunt, I sat beside myself and said, "What has happened to you? How are you behaving? There, with a mother uncle and here also aunt ... how was you talking? How are you so irritated? Where did he go to laugh my eyes, Prabhah? "

Prabha heard tears in his eyes. I took his hand in my hand and said, "What's the matter, do not tell, do not talk to me, if you talk to me then your mind will be lighter. Speak something. "

Prabha wiped tears, said," What do you say Swati, it is such a thing that it sounds awkward even in saying. What can I tell someone that I am upset because my marriage is not getting. "

At first I was startled, then laugh and said," You have kept so much fun for so many things? "[19659005] She became angry and said, "You see, I did not understand my point. But perhaps you can not even understand that even after 26 years of age a girl can become a virgin, how big a curse can be. "

I said in disgust," Do not say clearly, what is the problem? "

She said, "Like every girl, I also wanted to get married at the right time. I had some dreams about my marriage, there were some hopes. But now all the dreams become thorns in the eyelids. Tell me, what is lacking in me, look good, I am a graduate from English, I am studying advocacy nowadays. It was not that no one came to see me, but someone disliked saying that the girl is weak, someone says, more read-written. Someone says does not work. Sometimes I liked someone, the talk broke, because either thing did not go ahead because their dowry hunger was high. I know my parents will spend more than my status in my marriage, but they can not sell my house or me for my marriage. You know, Swati, now I have become a writer too, I keep covering my stories, articles and poems in many papers. When people ask me, what are you doing nowadays, when I tell them that I write, then know what answer I get? They say that all this is nonsense, tell when are you getting married? Every single person in the neighborhood keeps explaining to me to get married. When the people around me look meelessly with eyes, my soul gets squeezed, the eyes of neighboring aunt, Kaki and Bhabhi's go through my clothes, as if they want to know that they can not get married. The insect does not sit anywhere inside the body, which is not visible from the outside of clothing. People come to meet mother-papa, they console him like this, as if I have been away from this world. 'Hey sister-in-law, be patient, who can stop being? Whenever whatever is to be done, then sleep happens. Or 'Hey brother, do not worry, God will fix everything' I am tired of hearing all these things. You know, whatever comes to my house, all of them have some relationship for me. Everyone keeps on looking for me, as if in this world there is no big problem left to my marriage. You tell me, Swati, I do not have a marriage, is there such an inefficient crime? I have become 'poor' in the eyes of the people, whatever gets me, two flowers of consolation only go on me. But someone does not tell me where I am wrong in all this-hot-gallery I have become troubled and listened to the people. Sometimes it seems that being born in a girl in today's era is my biggest crime. And now even people have started to say that surely his conduct will be bad, only then the virgin is sitting-hot-gallery By hearing so many things, even after getting so many false accusations, what if I do not want to be irritated? Concerns on the forehead of mother-father are becoming increasing day by day. If I see them disturbed, I feel like cursing myself. Seeing the mother-father's face, I keep quiet, otherwise I should have died by now-hot-gallery In the opinion of the girl who is not married, all of them must die, otherwise this society will suffice to live with her family as well as her family. "

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After removing all the mood of my mind, Prabha began to gasp, I got up and gave her glass of water. He got some moderate drinking water. I heard the words of Prabha and said to her, "Prabha, if you do not get a good boy in your community, why not try to go out of the fraternity and find good boys?"

Prabhu quipped in a satireful voice, "What Swati is talking-hot-gallery People are also ready to eat the rotten neck of their society, but they can not even be a good food for another society. What will People Say? What will society say? These are some things that do not have the courage to raise the courage to rise above, even if someone suffers to die and die. "

The things of Prabhu had forced me to think about how the rule of society What are the beliefs, which give nothing to the person except suffering? Social rules were made for the sake of human beings, and not because the person would die by engaging in the trap of these rules. Even if you can not find a good, capable boy in your society, your community, but he will not look at other people of the other society and the other men of the other community. This problem was not only a pervasive, but today in every other house, there is some kind of effect. Humans, divparing to go to Mars, are still sitting in old age in some things. Some will have to do it, someone has to take initiative, some will have to take steps, only then some changes will be possible. The world will not change in one day, but still a little effort will have to be done. Thinking of something, I asked Prabha, "Good Prabha, is there no one who likes you, or whom do you like?"

Prabha said a little while and said, "One is Sameer Upadhyay. Well, there is a manager of a big company, but he reads advocacy with me. Comes in the evening class. Is attractive, is smart, good earns. I feel happy about her. Do not ask that is so cheerful. Every time laughs and laughs. How time passes with him, I do not know. I know Swati, when I am with her then I forget all her problems, troubles. Whenever I hear about those who visit me, Sameer tells me, "Why do you want to ruin someone else's life, I have been ruined, you marry me"

I laughed Said, "When she is so openly asking for marriage, why do not you do yes?"

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Prabha Said in a slightly tone, "There are two problems in it, one is that we There is no caste. We are Thakur, then it is Brahmin. Secondly, I can not believe him, he jokes everything, makes fun of everything, even know what he is saying in this joke-hot-gallery He never said anything to Seriously, so how should I believe-hot-gallery "

For the sadness of Prabha's mind in the mind, promise to meet him again, I came from there. I've probably read somewhere in my childhood, I understand exactly what I mean today. There was a very high, very rich Brahmin, he had a very beautiful and gentle daughter. When she got married, her father started searching for her. But the total amount of their total was not found. Finding a lot also got a family, but he was not much satisfied. Even then, Brahmin saw his daughter's marriage there after seeing a high total. After some time, the Brahmin asked him, "What are you doing?"

So his daughter answered, "I am having a relationship with the high caste."

Two-three days later, Seeing the divparations of the war-level divparations, Prabhav understood that it is now an exhibition. Her heart became sad. Her heart was saying that she would scream and say most, stop it all, stop it, decorate it like stuff, show it, and then negotiate-hot-gallery I am alive, I have the soul, my breath goes on, why can not someone understand my struggle? But he would say all this to whom? He did not want to break the heart of his parents. In his enthusiasm he did not want to put any obstacles. Hence, he went to be divpared with unconsciousness. After some time guests also came. Like Prabha Saji-Dhaji doll, he bowed his eyes and sat down.

The boy's mother said to the boy, "We like girl, now tell me, what is your opinion?"

The boy Said, "What is the benefit of ruining someone else's life? I am ready to give my own sacrifice by marrying them. "

Prabha was shocked to hear the well-known and well-known voice. He lifted his eyes and smiled while sitting in front of him.

He shouted, "Sameer ... you ...?"

He looked astoundingly at his parents and father, both of them were smiling slowly. He had a sense of acceptance in his eyes. Seeing Prabha lying in surprise, Swati said, "Yes brother, all this has happened to me."

Seeing Prabha lying in surprise, he said, "Yes, brother, all this has happened to me. In fact, Sameer is a friend of my elder brother Akshat. When he mentioned you in things-only-things, I was shocked. Sameer loved you a lot and many times had spoken to you about your heart, in a joke, but you have never understood anything. I came only to know your mind that day. फिर तुम्हारी रज़ामंदी मिलने के बाद, तुम्हारी परेशानी जानने के बाद, मैंने अंकल-आंटी को सारी बातें बताईं, तो अपनी बेटी की ख़ुशी के लिए वे भी तैयार हो गए. बस यही कहानी है, जिसका परिणाम तुम्हारे सामने, समीर के रूप में बैठा है.”

प्रभा ने बहुत कृतज्ञ नज़रों से स्वाती की ओर देखते हुए, मन-ही-मन उसे धन्यवाद कहा.

स्वाती ने धीरे से प्रभा से कहा, “प्रभा अब कोई नहीं कहेगा कि ‘बेचारी कुंवारी है’ अब तो लोग कहेंगे, बेचारी प्रभा, शादीशुदा हो गई है.”

उसकी बात सुन कर प्रभा खिलखिलाकर हंस पड़ी.

– कृतिका केशरी

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