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Selfie is a Genuine Mental Disorder.

Taking selfies is a hobby for everyone, but this hobby will not give you shock. Not to be shocked, because continuously posting self-help and posting on social media is a mental disorder i.e. mental disorder. What is the story of this mental disorder of selfie and how dangerous can it be to you? Let's know.

What is self-efficacy?

Bar - Posting on Self Self and Social Media is a serious mental condition which psychologists have named 'selfies' [19659005]. The word was first used in 2014 when the American Psychiatric Association was considering to declare it a disorder . After this, Nottingham Trent University and Thigarajar School of Management is so truth in American Research further study to find out . In his study he found that 'selfies' is a mental disorder . After this, the researchers created a Behavior Scale so that the level of self-efficacy is at the level .

Levels of Selfies

Borderline : Do not post it on social media at least 3 Bar Selfie Lena . If you also take self-service in the morning noon evening then understand that you are on the borderline .

Acute : At least 3 Taking time selfie and posting on social media is a serious condition . If you do something like then start playing it .

Chronic : Unable to stop herself from taking self-life all day long . Bar - Posting more than twelve times Bar, taking on selfie and on social media is . The obsession of taking self-interest on them is left to everyone .

In the study published in the International Journal of Mental Health, it has been confirmed that self-belief is a mental or psychological disorder . Though there are still some people who are protesting against it . According to him, after giving a name to any attitude, he does not convert into a disorder .

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Selfity Behavior Scale

Give yourself the rank of 1-5 Where [19659016] 5 means you fully agree with that statement right there 1 means that you do not agree with it at all . The higher your score The likelihood of self-belief will be as much .

- Taking selfies makes my mood good .

- [19659094] Using Photo Editing Tools so that I can look better than others .

- From this I feel Confident .

- Separated - Sharing my selfies in different poses increases my social status .

- By posting selfies, I felt very popular I .

- This strains me away .

- Posting Selfie more So get more likes and comments .

- I post selfie to listen to my friends on social media .

- I take good self-interest Then I see alone This increases my self-confidence .

- If I do not take selfie then separated from my peer group [196590] 16] - I feel down .

Selfie should not become 'kelphi'

In a recent research, it has been revealed that the death of most people in the whole world of self-help is only in India ] Which is called 'Kilphi' . The severity of this can be traced to the fact that all the 50% cases of self-deaths in the world are in India . [1965967] - 2014-2016 Between 127 died due to selfie of which 76 occurred in India .

- Most of the reasons for self-death were caused by taking selfies in the sea or river or by stunting a two wheeler or falling from the building .

What is Solution?

According to Experts Because it is an addiction or addiction Therefore, psychologists adopt the same methods ] Which is done for the liberation of the addiction .

- Try selfie bike Try not to post on social media . [19659666] - Stop watching yourself with camera lens . Like you are Accept yourself .

- If you are not able to control yourself then meet a psychiatrist .

- Dinesh Singh

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Selfie is a Genuine Mental Disorder. | Selfie is a Genuine Mental Disorder.
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