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Stress, the smallest of these words, the equally dangerous for health. You must be surprised to know that the naughty children who are always stuck in the fun of are also becoming victims of stress. According to a survey, about 100 children live in some kind of stress. How to keep children away from stress, so that their childhood is full of happiness, they are telling cyayikatist and counselor, Doctor Pawan Sonar.

Why is Stress?

There can be many causes of stress in children. Stress can occur at any age. Children from 1 year to 15 years can be separated due to stress.

Age of 1-2 years

  • This age is not about taking stress, nor does the child understand that in some way

  • At this age, the cause of stress may be due to her attachment to the mother.

  • If the mother adopts another child, then the child will cry even after fear of sharing the mother's love

  • The child does not like to scold the mother. Many times the children become so stressed that they quit drinking and their sleep decreases.

3-6 years old

  • The three-year-old child is very smart. The biggest reason for stress in this age is the school.

  • In India, schooling starts from the age of three years.

  • When the child is in the nursery, his biggest fear is to separate from mother

  • Staying in the school for three hours without the mother of the mother is not less than a war for the child.

  • For three years, the children themselves keep studying according to studies, schools and teachers

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At the age of 7-11 years

  • The greatest reason for stress at this age is study.

  • From the school bag to the head of the children There is a burden on bringing good marks, in such a way how children can avoid stress.

  • In order to meet the parents' expectations, children start working harder than their own.

12-15 years old Age

  • This age is very delicate age. In 12-15 years, the child seems to understand himself very big.

  • Prevention does not like any kind of strain.

  • Pressure to complete hard work, in the school to overcome other children,

  • There are also many physical changes in this age, such as the introduction of girls' periods, the growth of the breast, while the gender of the boys increases.

  • To adjust to these changes with their Enough stays for

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There are other reasons for stress [19659003] Divorce of parents: The child feels safe with the parents Due to divorce, he has to choose one of the two. The loss of any one also causes the child's stress.

The effect of death: The child who loves more in the house or the death of any of the parents can have the effect on his mind. is. Always carry the child's child to distraction from a loved one for tension.

Gadgets also cause stress: Nowadays, children have become very technophrencial. Spend more time on mobile or computer. In the video games and social networking sites, the competition to overtake their friends also starts giving them a stress.

Family fights: Conflicts in the family, fight-fighting, screaming, shouting, all these things in the family The effect of this also falls on the child's mind. In this environment, she starts feeling lonely.

The effect of the new place: Children do not even have to take a new place, even if they are a new school or a new home and new friends

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Smart Tips for Keeping Stress-Free

  • Children's Best Friends They can become their parents. The child is closest to his parents. If you think your child is in stress, then spend more time with him, sit with him, talk to him, head on Turning away from love, if the child is crying, then put him in his lap so that he does not feel lonely.

  • It is important for the child to make special offers.

  • Importance of his likes and dislikes. Like, ask them whether they would like to eat first or play? By asking such questions children feel that their opinion is important in the home.

  • Understand the potential of your child. Do not compare it with other children.

  • Appreciate the child as well as in sports or studies.

  • Instead of comparing the others, understand the child's weakness and encourage him, so that the child's confidence in himself will increase. .

  • Children often play games on TV, computer, mobile or are busy with social sites. Keep the baby away from the gadgets. One of the reasons for stress is these gadgets.

  • Teachers should also do proper counseling, regardless of their mood, rather than scaring the child.

  • Children's mind and body need rest, so they have 8-10 hours Sleep is essential.

  • If parents are in stress, it will have an impact on children too, so first stay free of yourself. Keep children away from home problems or mutual disputes.

  • One cause of stress in children is the fear of mistake. Parents should tell the children that do not be afraid of mistakes at all, but learn from them.

  • Teach the art of moving forward by improving that mistake instead of stress or frighten when there is a mistake.

  • When the child was under stress That is, eating too much, can cause obesity. First of all, it is necessary to keep the baby away from junk food.

  • Give her balance diets for her health. Avoid excessive sugar or caffeinated foods.

  • Many children love pets. Bring special pets to the house with whom they stay busy.

  • Teach the child to teach gardening, teach new plantation and give him water to pour water everyday in the plant. Let's do the work that the child wants.

- Anshi

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