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A lot has changed in the changing times of the times . There has been a change in most living views . There was a time When the thought of the marriage was considered wrong, it is no longer . IA Take a look at the various aspects of this .

  • One has become He can not be of another . People at one time thought that way . That's why one - Until two decades ago, such incidents were rarely seen that a girl should be married to a married man . At that time, the place of Sautiyya Enemy in the basic feminine qualities of girls was paramount . It was difficult to imagine that unmarried girl can increase the love of the spouse with the husband of any other woman .

  • But this texture of the man and woman and the texture of their relationship has changed quite a bit in the past Has come . Today, girls are not only considering married men as worthy of love but society also does not seem to object on such relations . These flaws of society and life have not changed . Countries for them - All changes in the world are responsible .

Girls' work: Girl's inclination towards married men The biggest reason for attachment and love is to work in girls of today . The girl working at an office spends time 10 to the evening 5 with her male colleague . Luncheon Tea drinking Luncheon Laughter - Jokes like everyday events ] - Exposes unwanted hearts . During the work - Learning to support another Learning - Teaching Pleasure - Sadness When the distribution chain turns into love It does not know . Apart from this, the desire to climb the career ladder also comes with love cholera .

Serial The impact of Hollywood and Bollywood: The serials have also played an important role in the change of mindset of Indian women . Nowadays, the heroes who have created relationships with married men have inspired common women which are woven in the taane - to put spices in every episode . Today, girls are not hesitant about taking such a step in their choice even after marriage or after marriage .

The second most prominent role in the form of Indian women in this form has been the role of Bollywood and Hollywood stars too . Nayak - The freedom to choose heroes of their choice of life and the woman of their choice / has stamped on the fictional stories in the serials [19659002]. The change is in front of you . Two decades from today, a young woman could not have thought of staying in a city far away by having a relationship with a married man, whereas in spite of such a relationship today, girls remain in their families. And there are no voices in opposition from anywhere .

Globalization and Information Revolution: The information revolution and globalization have given the whole world a village look . All the cultures of the world have a - Seeing the other very close . away on TV channels - News of the drawer goes everywhere all the time . In such a situation, the openness of Western civilization has an impact on Indian society and in the mind of Indian youth and young women, there is a desire to breathe in the open air . She wants to live with a man of her choice . The man is unmarried or married This does not make any difference to him Read also: How to handle a stubborn partner: Learn EZ Tips

Big Deception This Way ...

Jayachand is married to a multi-national company in Noida . His wife and child are in the village . He and his work with him live in the same building . With the same office in - while working with and staying in the same building, when the rain did not go away, she began to love him in a love affair with Jayachand's love affair Began to believe everything . But is it also with Jayachand ? Does he also want rain with the same insight ? No ! Rain is now well-known . The love that was ever filled up in her She has now become a burden . Rain wants to get rid of this unbearable situation but can not imagine living apart from Jayachand Therefore this passionate relationship is being played in the name of love .

This is not just a rain and the story of Jayachand . No one knows how many rainy days do not know how many Jaychand's world is green - are doing it . But what their own world is green - is full They can not even assure themselves .

Of course Married men are at every step in the path of love But what about the strange tales of life ? He can reach such a point Where someone finds that Whatever is done, someone else's made on is for you [19659002]. What will you do in this ? To live forever, - Never have to play with threats ? [1965990] Victims of delusional life

Actually unmarried girls regard their love as truthful No matter how smart you think In the eyes of a married man, they are simply a means of fulfilling desires . When they are in love with their understanding then they are literally becoming victims . There are many reasons for this -

- Younger girls want a man to pay attention to them Praise his work [19659002] Appreciate her beauty . The experienced eyes of a married man are well-known to these desires . Kinds in mind - Men who have built a variety of ways, while on the outside and fulfilling their desires, they fulfill the wishes of the girl with great instinct Its price is also collected on the name of love .

- The complete existence of a woman male adds all the emotions Shows Off . The real need of a man playing with the heart and emotions of a woman is merely physical . The woman is aware of this when it's too late . All His Dreams Chur - gets shattered and he is surrounded by depression .

- Your love or say that for the sake of a lover, the woman suffers as much as No one has to forgo a married man against her . When the love is disclosed, the girl [] [ with the displeasure of the parents also faces the dishonor and slander of the society which also leads to interruptions in marriage ]. After getting all this, what does the woman get after all ? Exotic and False Love of Farebi Men of Dual Life A love that is seen from a distance But near the ant, antelope - proved to be mercurial .

Psychoologist of the Indian Psycho Social Foundation Dr. . Review Kaur Awareness about careers for growing love of married men and due to her marriage considers the tendency to escape from problems of dowry and marital life They term it as an agreement under the circumstances and say "As far as men are concerned, there is a lack of synergy among the participants Wife's irresponsible attitude He is the second woman especially on his penis . At the same time, the desire for careers in women and the desire to lead a free life away from the entanglements of marital life has created such situations . Psychic seeks safer arms for physical satisfaction where their ambitions are not affected in the division of careers. In such a way, married men who work together in them seem more suitable . "

Dr. Kaur also accepts talk of being cheated in such relationships . "The woman first loves and is ready for physical relations later while the male first creates physical relationships and can later be emotionally involved ] Not even . Such young men take such a step but the search for their happiness is not ended because they love the fantasy the second Never received as a woman . He does not have to be bribe, But there is a desire to humiliate his partner's wife . Such ties have now got muted social acceptance Not a parent [Brother] on - Sister only shares such things among themselves . Mother in some cases - Father also accepts these relationships . "

- Sanjay Srivastav

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See Here - Married love is no longer a diet (having an affair with Married Man?) | See Here - Married love is no longer a diet (having an affair with Married Man?)
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